The Beautiful Journey


beautiful journey

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I commute from home to work. I enjoy bus and train rides. And every time I get an opportunity to sit beside an old man or woman I usually talk to them. First of all, they’re true. I think old people, I mean really old people, know there’s no sense being dishonest. Especially, about their love lives. So every chance I get, I talk to them about it. And I hear the most incredible stories.

Second, they’re uber intelligent people. They always ask if I’m single or not. Usually, well, I’m single. I tell them I don’t intend to marry. But they’ve gone there and back again and naturally, they are the people who understand what those ‘words’ really mean. Guess, they can see it in my eyes. That’s the thing about my eyes. They betray me every single time. Hehe..

Third, they give the best life lessons in shorter versions. We all understand first-hand experiences teach us a great deal but lessons from others allow us to know more and understand things better. And help save us from all the dirty details because life isn’t just about ourselves. Putting your feet on somebody else’s shoes, in my opinion, should become a normal routine in life. But others can be just so annoying sometimes noh? They complain that the shoes are smelly, that other shoes are just way too impossible for them to put their feet on. They complain without thinking it’s not about their feelings. This life is not about you.

It is day five on my countdown. I’m counting down days of unlearning bad habits. So far, it’s been great! Amazing the clarity and peace God gives you when you surrender things to Him. I just look at my Twitter and Facebook lists, notifications, tweet and write here.

And it’s all coming back to me now: the life I used to have, the lessons I’ve learned, what I’m relearning now. They’re not lost. I’m not burdened anymore. I am found and just staying, hiding under the shelter of His wings, comforted, loved and joyful. I want to be invisible again. I want Jesus seen in my life always and forever. I thank Jesus because through Him, I’m more than a conqueror!

I love that the things you thought were hard becomes way too easy when you give it to Jesus. He makes everything simple.

This life that I live is only for the purpose of giving You praise, glory and pure worship. Thank You, Father, for making it a beautiful journey for me. It’s beautiful only because of You. You are my beautiful journey.

Living for God Alone

To be quite honest, I don’t think there is any other way to live my life than for Him alone. Read and be inspired.


Sometimes I wonder how many people live with so much stuff. I would know because I live with stuff and it bothers me, sometimes (because it takes the right heart to know why there is stuff. Stuff is for sharing but ultimately, it is nothing).


I go up into the mountains  for my job. We look at rocks and write down made-up stories to make sense of everything. It is in those places that I realize that our lives only make sense when we only see God. I was sick before. I was overweight, power-hungry like most of us who live in the city. It was in the mountains that I lost all of the comforts. I was so uncomfortable and yet I was alive, breathing, and eating. I could not walk much because I had lost all feeling in my right leg.


A poorly-planned and dangerous adventure…

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