Test of Faithfulness

This is from my old notebook. I know for sure the idea didn’t come from me. But I remember paraphrasing them. I’d usually write where the words or idea came from. This particular bit though, the resource was unclear.

Sorry about that. But I’m sharing it here and telling you that it’s not from me.

I got the old notebook from my Tita’s house. And I had to share this here because of the words I’d written at the first page of that notebook.

It was such a beautiful reminder of my love for Christ. It was a prayer. A promise I made to Him a long time ago. Though I had not been faithful to Him about that promise, He remained faithful.
And He made certain I do as I promised. Thank God!

If you think you’ve been unfaithful or faithful to God, here are a few words to check yourself with:

  • It is only a faithful person who truly believes that God sovereignly controls his/her circumstances.
  • To be faithful in every circumstance means that we have only one loyalty, or object of our faith- the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • He ordained the situation.
  • Being faithful to Jesus Christ is the most difficult thing we try to do today.
  • Our Lord is dethroned more deliberately by Christian workers than by the world.
  • The goal of Faithfulness is not that we will do the work of God, but that He will be free to do His work through us.
  • God wants to use us as He used His own Son.

The Joy Of Being Alone

Not exactly sure how many we are out there who actually enjoy being alone but I bet not too many. See, whenever I hear or read about ‘the loneliness of being alone,’ I’m always quick to exclaim in my mind, ‘That’s not true at all.’ I never felt lonely being alone. And that’s an honest to goodness truth. As I always say, there’s no point being dishonest. Especially, to thine own self.

In reality, the loneliest I’ve ever felt was when I was in the company of people. Lots of people. That scene when you’re standing in the middle of the crowd but no one seems to notice you? That can be very lonesome. And that’s why I don’t enjoy malls. I remember Christmas shopping some years ago thinking, ‘I have all these monies, they’re suppose to welcome me because I’m a paying customer, but no one here would even smile at me.’

It’s kind of hard to deal with, at least for me, being surrounded by too many people but then knowing that no one cares you’re there.

That’s why I love the church. I’m a church girl. Since I was seven years old, I’ve adored being in the company of the ‘saints’. For non-Christians reading this, ‘saints’ here means people who believe in God, accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior, are all out for Him & in complete devotion to bring His good news to the ends of the earth.

I never had a dull moment at church. I remember then if there were new people who entered church, we’re always excited to make them feel welcome and offer the kind of comfort we received in the Holy Spirit through the changed yet simple lives of the people there.

Those who have genuinely experienced the joy of being one with the Holy Spirit – have experienced the gifts of the Holy Spirit – to them, every single individual, soul is precious and deserves to feel the love of the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is my prayer that if, right now, you’re feeling sad and lonely because you’re on your own, that you let yourself experience the joy of being alone. How? Here are some of the things I can suggest:

1. Develop a habit. Or two. Or three. Heck, even more! Let me give you two examples.

~ Read. Now, for some a book seems a little too much, I know. For most of us, non-fiction can be deathly. Fiction can be irritating to others. That’s fine though. We all want different things. So go for what you want. Read about things that interests you. Wanna know a secret? And I need you to keep this in mind: Not all who read are highly intellectual human beings. Some read to show off. Others read but don’t know how to apply in real life what they’ve read about. What’s the point?

~ Fix a crap. If reading sounds tiresome then maybe you can fix things. Broken things, okay? Or make something beautiful out of all the mess in front of you.

There’s more to put there but you get my point. Do something. And then make a habit out of that. Just be sure to do something meaningful, useful & helpful to others. I mean don’t make bombs.

2. Always be true to yourself. See, if you’re alone and you keep lying to yourself, I can guarantee you, you’ll end up killing people and then eventually yourself. Okay, sorry. That’s me deliberately trying to be funny. Shorter version? Be true. Truth can be painful, yes. But only at first. When you accept the truth, in the long run, you will reap its benefits. In the words of Jesus Christ, “Truth shall set you free.”

3. Remind yourself, Fear is a lie. If, right now, you’re thinking, ‘Not all fear is a lie.’ Dude, seriously, stop denying and just face whatever the heck it is you so lovingly fear. Admit you’re afraid of whatever and then deal with it. If it is God you fear, good. But the question is what are you doing about that fear? If your life hasn’t changed because of the fear of the Lord then something’s not right there. If what you’re doing is still make mistake every after mistake, stop. For your sake, just stop. I know most people know this, but for those of you who don’t, for most things in life, and you can deny this all you want, it’s not about what’s better. It’s about doing what’s right. It’s about choosing what’s right, not what is easy.

I don’t give a flying fart in space how easy & encouraging that lie is. A lie is a lie. You cannot set your foundations there now. If you do, you will jeopardize your future. Believe me & the rest of the dead people who gave the same advice for us, you don’t want to risk your future for that lie. Do what you have to do. If you don’t know what to do, for crying out loud, ask help from those who know.

4. Learn to laugh at and by yourself. It may sound crazy but you’re the one to talk, aren’t you? We all know everybody’s a little crazy sometimes. So stop your denial. And just laugh out loud. 

5. Talk to God. Really talk to Him. You know, with all your heart, body, mind & soul. He listens. He understands. He answers in ways you never imagined He would. He is true. If there’s one habit you must develop, let it be this one. And know He talks to You in the clearest of words because He is not the God of confusion. He is the God of truth. And that is through the Bible. So go, enjoy the dialogue!

If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘This is not for me. This is for someone else.’ Or if your mind says, ‘Is she talking about me?’ I’m telling you now, this is for you. Don’t doubt it.