According To Your Word

“You’re the Love of my life. You’re the Joy of my morning. You’re the song of my heart and I will praise Your Holy Name. I’m singing, ‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah!’ And I will praise Your Holy Name.”

‘God has an undoubted right to do with me as seemeth good in His sight.’ ~ Ann Hasseltine

“Be it unto me according to Your word. According to Your promises, I can stand secure. Carve upon my heart the Truth that sets me free. According to Your Word, oh Lord, be it unto me.” ~ (song lyric taken from Luke 1:26-38)

Travel The Now

I wish I could say that I agree. Or that I’m thrilled with the idea, but I just am not. Time Traveling has been one of the most intriguing topics of all time, as I understand.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for the past. But believe it or not, I’ve had some horrible things happened to me in the past too. But I really appreciate what I have and who I am now because of the past.

I love mistakes. Hahaha! By saying that, I mean, I love that I get to learn. And that’s one of my favorite things in life. Every time I learn something, I feel like I become a different person all of a sudden. I’d like to think of myself as a genuis. I mean, seriously, we all know there’s a reason why “they” all say, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ And quotes like, ‘What you think, you become.’

My choice? I would rather endeavor to gracefully travel the now than waste all my time and energy trying so hard to get back to the time and date I’ve made all my grievous mistakes. I made a lot.

You have to give credit to the past because if it wasn’t for it, you wouldn’t have known now how bad you did.

Don’t waste your time. Travel the now. Learn everything you needed to learn from the past. Sometimes, it could mean giving yourself another chance to redo things the right way. Sometimes it could mean giving yourself the opportunity to work on an opportunity you think you needed to have. Sometimes it could mean gathering up the courage to be truly brave and say sorry. Sometimes it could mean preparing for the rest of your life to give service to people.

If you think you’ve been a fool in the past, you have to learn how not to be a fool anymore, obviously. Belive it or not, that could take some time. It includes different things. There’s a lot of contributing factors to it, you see. True humility, bravery, honesty, patience and a lot of asking help from different kinds of people.

I hope that from this day onwards, we would all endeavor to learn from our past mistakes. That we would do our very best to gracefully and graciously travel the now. And so prepare ourselves for a better ‘now’ in the future, if & when God allows us to have them.