Waiting For A Woman (Part 1)

Let’s start with this – the  woman.

Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to the man.
— Genesis 2:22

To all the Christians reading this, we can agree, God made a woman to be man’s Helpmate. Others who aren’t Christians, obviously, won’t agree to this. I’m not here to start a debate about who sinned first, or whose fault it was that sin entered into the world. No. I’m here, this part is just going to be about a woman – being a woman. Now, we all know how complicated that can be. So let’s get started.

This is my attempt to summarize the types of women. Please know, I’m no expert. Just an opinionated person.

Strong Women.

In my honest opinion, all women are strong individuals. History wrote about weak men but not weak women. Now, this is totally different from what Science says. Physically speaking, women are the weaker sex. Sure. That’s established. But other than that, we are strong. Yes, even the weird, shy, gentle ones.  But I think it’s important to know that there are different types of strong women.

First on my list, women who know they are beautiful. Watch out for these strong women. They know how to use this strength to overpower you, the man. Beauty is enchanting, yes, but used in the wrong way and for the wrong agenda, that can be disastrous. Now, that’s not just me talking. The world knows about this. This type of strength has been used since time immemorial. And according to history, every story where this was used, never ended well.

Second, women who make themselves appear weak. This one is harder to detect. And dangerous. At least, for you men. With eyes that glisten with tears and words that seem to flourish with ‘I can’t do this without you.’ And with the voice overwhelming with seemingly sincere tone. Some men are powerless against these things.

Notice: “some” men

Third for me, women who tell you what to do. They can make it appear like they really wanted to help you. That they are genuinely concerned about your life. So they tell you this, and they tell you that. And you, men, obey with your own agenda in mind. You make yourself appear like a slave to please the beautiful woman who showed seemingly genuine concern about you. Then again, history knows better. Or the movies and teleseryes.

These are very strong women. And again, not just me talking but history tells us, they overpower men most of the time.

And then there’s Good Women.

These are the types of women who will do anything for their man. The type who claims, ‘I will be with you to the very end.’ So if the man is headed to doom and destruction, they go together there. They smoke pot together, steal together, they do all the wrong things together. According to the man, ‘She’s a good woman. She’s good enough for me.’ To which the woman replies, ‘He needs a good woman to take him out of that mess he’s in.’ Yes. Good women. Too good they will do anything, regardless, if it is right or wrong, they will do anything for their man.

Lastly, the Godly Women.

These are the women who know how beautiful they are, but would never use their beauty to overpower a man. They never appear to be weak because they know where their strength comes from. They are the ones who will never tell you what to do because they understand that later on, you will stop listening to what they have to say and go back to your old ways. And if you needed to change, they’ll let you know that you needed to decide on your own to make that change for the better and for the glory of God.

They are good women who will go the extra mile for you but not to the extent of bringing you to your own destruction.

So, if you’re a man, what kind of woman are you waiting for? Or maybe the better question is, what kind of man are you?

If you’re a woman, can you identify yourself in this selection? Or you have another type of woman in mind.

This is a two-part blog because I’m not really used to writing long blogs. This is not just about the kind of woman to wait for. But is also about what waiting means for a woman which I will share on the second part. Until then, give these descriptions a thought and then let me know what you think in the comments section. Would be nice to hear from you.