Sibling Crazies

My brother told us a story about America.

Apparently, the story was set at a time when the US was trying to conquer the world. Their mission was nearly complete but with only five jets left, they decided their way to conquer Japan.

The Americans pulled back when they heard the Japanese yelled, “Let’s… vault… in!”


Sweet Reminder



There’s no need to be afraid.

Don’t think I don’t know how you feel because I do. I know how scared you are but you don’t have to feel that way. You’ve done an awful lot of wrong but who hasn’t?

There’s no need to be afraid.

I want to be with you more than you want to be with me. I’m waiting for you to just welcome me in your heart – in your life. I want every single moment of each day spent with you. Do you feel the same way?

There’s no need to be afraid.

If you allow me to be in your life, I promise you, we will sing every song together. If you let me in your heart, I promise to stay and not go away. If you finally give us a chance, I promise, we will have the best adventure together.

Loving you always,