I Am Here

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To you who have been waiting for me, I want you to know I am here

You’ve made yourself too busy, I was sidetracked by some experience but I am here

It’s funny how we choose what to see sometimes. You saw me, I saw someone else.
You were standing right there, listening for my call, I thought I heard another person’s call.

You patiently and quietly waited for me. And I thought of waiting on someone else. You prayed for me while I prayed for another person.

You didn’t falter. You stood your ground. You waited for God’s perfect timing. You made me see that I deserved better than I was treated. Way better than I was treated.

You showed me that things are better, way more fun when we do things the way God wanted them done. You love me but you showed me that God loved me more.

It’s weird how life finally allows us to see, the clearing of dark clouds for us to  truly see..
That you were there waiting for me and I am here, now ready to share everything with you.

Oscars Experience

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This morning, I decided to watch the Oscars. Tuned in to HBO past ten in the morning, Philippine local time. I’ve not had the appetite to watch it for some time now. But I’d be one of those girls who would check out the gowns, hair styles and make ups of the actors after the event. Plus, you’ll see it all over the internet so I’d always take a peek. But less than three minutes is always enough for me. I don’t usually linger.

So to actually watch the entire show today is kind of a big deal and boy, it was a beautiful experience for me! First of all, I really wanted to see Chris Pine. And he didn’t disappoint. That’s my man. Amazing as ever. Anyway, at some level, you know that the Oscars hasn’t really changed much over the years because of the one name that seemed synonymous to the event itself, and that name is, Meryl Streep. Funny, I mean, we saw the entertainment industry go from, ‘Meryl is such a great actress, she deserves this.’ to ‘What? Not again, Meryl Streep!’ to ‘Give others a chance, Meryl.’ to now, ‘We’ve finally accepted it. Oscars is not Oscars if there’s no mention of Meryl Streep.’ It’s amazing, isn’t it? For a woman to have such an impact and dominate an entire industry. Wow.

And the surprise appearance of Julie Andrews was, for some reason, just very heartwarming. I’ve always looked up to women like them (Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews). I’ve always wanted to be like them. They exude such class, elegance, beauty, truth and confidence. I mean, a woman can be that powerful, can communicate so much without really saying much, and the best part is, no one can take it away from them. You can be all that by just being a woman. Goodness. Glory to the Creator who loved women so much, He created them the best way possible. Phew! Amazing.

This year, the speeches of the winners were not just the usual ‘thank you’s’ to the people who helped them get the prestigious award but they were more messages of hope, love, strength and inspiration. Most notably among the best speeches were the speeches given by the Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture winner, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Such humility, character, wisdom by a great man. Especially, after getting a racist comment, how he handled it was flawless.

In my opinion, you can know what a man, or a person, is really made of in two ways: when life gives them the toughest blow and that very moment when life presents them their very dreams. How they react, how they handle themselves says a lot about them. And Inarritu, well, he showed what he’s truly made of: greatness. I’m happy and grateful to have seen it.

For the first time, I’m thankful for watching a TV show for nearly two hours. 😀

“When we sit on a darkened theater, we forget our differences and then we laugh and cry together. We become one. We are equal.” – The Oscars 2015