Beautiful Interruptions

It’s 11:58 in the morning and it’s just now I’m on my way home. Had to finish my annual physical exam at work. Tomorrow’s the last day for it and I didn’t want to wait and stand in long lines.

Not sure exactly why I’m writing here but it just felt right to do this today.

So here I am, sitting inside the Metro, typing words down. Re-reading my blogs here, I realised the need to do some serious editing. I keep asking myself, ‘Will I ever learn?’ See, there’s this nagging situation in my life. I seriously don’t understand it. It’s annoying but intriguing. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but it’s so clear to me. That may sound silly to some but that’s exactly how it is.

It’s the kind of situation that bothers my thoughts in a way that every time it passes through my brain, it makes me smile. It makes me glad. It brings me joy. The thing is after it happens, it gets me worried. It gets me worried that I feel good about all these interruptions. It gets me worried because I understand that these are beautiful interruptions. Is something wrong with me? Maybe I’m just overanalyzing things.

But I know I shouldn’t worry. There’s no need to worry. I’m not really the type of person who worries. So maybe this is just me being weird. I know I am weird.

So you see? Even now in this blog, obviously, I was interrupted. Beautifully, might I add.