Justifying Mistakes

imagesWe live in a generation of people who take pride of justifying their mistakes instead of correcting them. In their minds, “I’ve already made this mistake. Might as well bury myself in this mud.”

They are lost in their imaginings of jumping on a quicksand and being taken by all the mud when the truth is the mud is not nearly knee high. But they are so determined to drown themselves in all the liquid dirt that’s actually hard to be drowned with especially when you are wide awake, and we all know acting like you’re being pulled down to the bottom is not just stupid but is really insane because no one can pull you down there but yourself.

Why people do that to themselves is beyond me. Well, it’s the enemy’s way of distracting you from living your life the way God wanted you to, that’s what I know. But I will not be one to presume I know the solution to this absolutely pathetic dilemma. Then again, I’ve always been a believer of God and of his Son, Jesus Christ.

I believe that acting like you’re being drowned when really you’re the only one drowning yourself in the mud is a complete disregard of what JESUS did at the cross of Calvary especially if you are someone who profess to know what He did and love Him for what He did.

If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ in your heart before but now you see that you are one who’s in the description above, I invite you to recommit yourself to God. Admit that you have sinned. Repent from your sins. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the cross for your sins. Ask Jesus in your heart once again.

In my honest opinion, it’s the only way to go. Stop justifying your mistakes. Understand that no one else can save you from yourself but Jesus. No one else but Jesus. Just Jesus.