Motorbike Incident

An Update

Just spoke with the doctor and by God’s grace, everything’s alright. There was an impact on my chest during my motorbike accident earlier.

It made all of us particularly concerned because it was on a very delicate area.

But I had faith everything’s alright. Then there’s the swelling which the doctor confirmed was just a natural response by the tissues. Just a pack of ice is what’s needed.

So thank you for your prayers. God bless you more than you’ve blessed me with your prayers!

Old Sweethearts


Sometimes when you least expect it an opportunity presents itself. I marvel at the thought that they can be so random, unnoticeable moments, situations in life. They can be disguised as hard work, boredom, patience, a song, a dance step, a misstep, a tissue paper, a soft, sweet ray of sunshine, unlikely things. I appreciate that they don’t always come in one big, giant moments.

I am grateful they present themselves as they are. Seemingly little annoying things but wheyou look closely, God by His mercy and grace, allows you to see that it is everything you ever wished for, all your dreams coming true.

How that works just blows my mind. There must be something wrong with me when in these considered unpleasant things, moments, situations I see only perfection. Do you ever feel the same way?

I always get suspicious of seemingly perfect, impressive things, moments, situations. From my personal experience, anything that presents itself as perfect or impressive is always just imperfect and unimpressive.

So I always look for the most unimpressive things, people, moments, situations. Simply because they are the real owners of those words: perfect and impressive.