Hello, Goodbye!

So I don’t mean to say “Hi! Sorry I have to go now.” Nope. Let me explain. Imagine someone shutting a door in your face with that loud banging sound ringing in your ear. You know that you can’t enter the door anymore. There was no getting inside through the windows either. You can’t stay standing or sitting down outside. So you turn around. That dramatic moment you take a deep breath and take that unbearable step, right there, that moment, that’s you saying hello to goodbye.

We’ve all been there.

But then, the truth of the matter is there are a lot of rejections in this life. So we must admit, there are slammed doors that make you turn your back and then make you grateful for that goodbye. That’s the meaning of my title.

So have you had a rejection lately? Or maybe my question was incorrect. Let me do that one more time. Have you had rejections lately? They’re awful, I know. They make you want to chew your elbows. A pretty impossible thing to do! But hang in there.

I would advice that you smile no matter how hard that may seem. Don’t dwell on the feelings of rejections. It won’t do you any good. Cry if you must but smile after.

Keep crying until all your tears are gone. But smile after. Hold your head up. Because sometimes the most awful goodbyes could become the best parts of your life.