God Approves

Never be misled.

Are you a workman of God? Are you someone who has denied yourself of wordly pleasures to do the task God has appointed you to do? Are you someone who regard God as the highest priority of your life? Are you someone who has been and is still in love with the person of Jesus Christ and knows this truth in the deepest parts of his heart? Are you someone so in love with Jesus Christ that your life is a reflection of His glory? Are you someone your family, colleagues, closest friends and everyone around you can attest has lived a life that pleasing to God? Are you?

Then this message is for you. This particular verse is for you.

Be cheerful. This is for you. Never worry about the future, everything is in God’s hands. The past brought you in this moment. Your obedience to God has been approved and He has given you this opportunity today. Enjoy every single blessing God has given you. He wants you to enjoy every moment. He wants you to smile today.

You might have cried bucketful of tears yesterday, this is His message for you today. Continue to live in and for His glory. Continue giving Him praise. God has approved your works. He will accept your works of love for Him.