2016, The League Year

The Little Giants

And just like that 2016 is just hours away from ending and we will welcome a new year. I’m on a boat ride to Masbate as I write this. Well, some parts of this blog I’ve been writing for a while now which I keep editing. 

Initially, I thought about writing about every quarter of the year. I figured that would be a bit too much. So I’ll just go straight to the lessons 2016 has taught me and the things I am looking forward to for 2017. But first…

Why the League Year title? Well, 2016 felt intensely like playing football. Have you ever played football before? I never did. 😂 It looked, at least, the same way I saw football in the movies and on sports channels, that is, if I got the idea right.

I tried so hard to get to that end zone so I can do a backflip for that touchdown, because really, what’s life without backflips, right? Only thing is I’ve had defensive tackles, linebackers, even cornerbacks coming up against me.

So lessons. Here we go! 

Obedience. I’ve said it before on my Twitter page, if you’re a Christian like me, obedience has always been a big deal with God since time immemorial. So if You love Him, obey. It’s not always easy. It can be extremely difficult but obey. Enjoy obeying His word. My prayer for us all for 2017 and beyond is that we all get to that point in our lives where we enjoy obeying God so much that whatever He tells us to do, we just sort of ‘roll with it.’ 

Rejection. The first thing I want to say about this word is that it’s not a big deal, people. It’s not. It is a part of life. Get that right set of thinking when it comes to rejection. Anticipate that you will always be rejected. As with any sport, you need to be prepared with all the rejections you will get. That way, every time you get it, you can shrug it off and get on your way. Don’t be one of those who couldn’t handle rejection they would call on whatever forces on earth just to declare they couldn’t handle it. There’s no need to declare. Everybody knows it is tough to handle. Ask for help. Life gives us rejections so we can know how to chase our dreams, pursue the right things and appreciate that elusive greatness. And my personal favorite, rejection allows us to prove not just to ourselves but to the whole world how much we really want something. Rejection can be a blessing in so many ways. Appreciate it.

The photo above is from the movie The Little Giants. Have you seen that film? I saw it when it first came out.Anyway, I love that film. If I can give you an encouragement for 2017, I would ask you to go and watch it. It’s for “anyone who was ever rejected or picked last for a team.”

Acceptance. Don’t be fooled. Life is not just about being accepted. It’s so much more than just acceptance. Yes, we all want somewhere to belong. Yes, we all want someone to accept us. But for goodness’ sake, STOP being delusional. After finding a place to belong, after finding someone to accept you, there’s a whole lot of other things too. There’s a lot of changing, rearranging, adjusting, correcting, learning and my favorite part, a whole lot of accepting others too. So get real. 

Men. My biggest lesson for 2016? It was about something I already know. It was an excruciating relearning process even right to the very end of the year. Men. Goodness, who can figure them out? I relearned that when it comes to dealing with men, we can disregard everything they’re saying and look at what they’re actually doing. Because whether that be in matters of love, business, or anything else, if they’re INTERESTED with you, they will show it. They will have no excuse whatsoever to show it. They will have no excuse to contact you whether through social media, other people, they will contact you if they are really interested in clearing things with you, telling you how important you are to them or letting you know how much they want you to be a part of their lives, business or whatsoever.

So! If  you are dealing with men who just keep saying stuff – whether that be through a song, through a picture, through whatever – but aren’t willing to do anything about what they’re saying, you can just LET THEM GO. 

The world is full of bad guys. And if you encounter men who seem to be on ‘sheep’s clothing’ – seemingly kind, trustworthy, patient men but unless they show you – they ACTUALLY SHOW you that they are worthy of your time – you have no reason to believe them. They are just that – BAD GUYS. 

The world has no need of bad guys. Women has no need of bad men. I don’t care what their titles are – Pastors, Bosses, Brothers – titles will NOT prove anything.

People, ladies, don’t confuse yourself with bad men and badass men. They are two different things. I want a badass man, that’s for sure. 

2017, Yesterday’s Tomorrow  (my next blog)

Now, what do I look forward to for 2017? I am definitely looking forward to stylishly low-key wine bars, ‘magnetic hipster’ coffee bars (homegrown coffee beans, please), wilder world class art museums, jazz festivals, extra cool food trucks, and how about a heterogeneous looking cupcake bar because that Vanilla Cupcake joint can be uncomfortable for a woman like me sometimes. 😂

For 2017, I am so looking ahead with great excitement to the future because He is such an exciting God! His plans are better, brighter, bigger, infinitely more awesome than I could ever hope for. Let’s go 2017!

“There is no such thing as unknown. It is just temporarily hidden.”