How To Make Others Disinterested In You

Photo from Google

As per usual, I would like to get started by telling you what this blog is about. This is about sharing my thoughts on disinterestedness. I am not here to make you a badder person than you already are. You know better than I do how to do that.

Consequently, I would also like to let you know what this blog is not. This is not about getting people to dislike you. This is not a one-blog-fits-all-scenario. This is not meant to make you aim to be uninteresting.

Having said all that, let’s go ahead and make sense of my title.

So it’s not exactly hard to agree that we live in the easiest time of humanity’s life. Yes? Everything is fast and easy. It’s so easy to be famous these days. So fast too. It’s easy to make ideas come to life. Sometimes it can be impressive how fast others can do it also. Every day on Forbes, it seems everybody is figuring out the easy way to make more and more money.

It’s the easiest time to open your own company, make it grow, lead change. The easiest time to be aesthetically beautiful or ugly. The easiest time to be anything you want to be. Male or female. Skinny or voluptuous. Earth version of alien or from-out-of-space looking alien. Bad or worse. Crazier or craziest. So, so easy. Change is the new world currency. Well, we all know not really but the pace it takes, it can feel like it, doesn’t it? In fact, the changing time is somewhat intimidating. It can get hard to keep up with sometimes. But that’s beside my point.

Do you ever notice how this time of our lives is no longer about who is better? It’s no longer about who has more: more money, more clothes, more cars, more businesses, who traveled more. It’s not about who is better looking either. The conventional beauty: long legs, white, skinny, modelly figure is no longer in. In fact, it’s so overrated, people hardly notice it these days.

Given the situation we have, it is then safe to say, everything these days have everything to do with how interesting you can be. Yes. Just look at the most influential social media accounts out there.

It doesn’t matter how much money or how beautiful you are anymore. The question that every traditional media and social media outlets need answering now (and has always been, actually) is, “How do we keep things interesting?” Granted, that when you have all the money in the world, and instead of helping the poor, you can use that for the purposes of keeping people interested in you. Buy everything and everyone for your own personal use. Take the Kardashians, for example.

I understand it’s an age-old tactic for all of these entertainers. But the difference this time is that this same concept has now worked so beautifully, if you can say that, to anyone who dares to stay interesting with the onslaught of social media.

So if this is the case, why on earth am I talking about getting people to be disinterested in you? Simple. Too many wrong people can get interested in you. And really, while you can’t control that, you really want to keep them nowhere near you. Another thing, hopefully, this piece can help you observe your behavior and see if you’re it or find out how you can use these things to your advantage.

So, in my humble opinion, let me count the ways to keep the wrong people disinterested in you, or help you get the right people interested in you – however this works for you. Here they are:

1. Block people. Obviously, I’m talking about social media. Yes, you read that right. You know how some people seem interested in you (or can seem interesting enough) but when you check their social media accounts, they don’t really talk to people? Or if they do, they talk about endless negativity? Block those people. They’re not too many but man, they are out there. That’s a sure fire way to get them disinterested. I am not saying it can work for all. Some sociopaths out there can still be persistent. Let’s just hope you don’t get those. It also helps if you know something about profiling. So maybe learn that.

2. Talk about the mundane things. In my experience, this is one of the best ways to get people disinterested in you. Why? People will perceive you as boring. And in the book of “Let’s Make Everybody As Influential As Us,” this is a big no, no. But see, I didn’t really say be boring. Sometimes it’s okay, and in fact, can be so much better to be perceived as boring. Reason? Only the most boring people will see you as such. They know themselves. They can see themselves in you when you’re being boring. So that will make them stay away from you. So far away. And that’s really, really good.

Find people who know how to talk about the most boring topics in the most interesting way. Those are for keeps.

3. Be a snob. You know how some people have their snotty little noses up in the air? Get away from those. Or better yet, don’t be one. Those who act like they’re the most important people in the world and you’re just too low for them. Those who have their life principle as “Because I don’t know you, I won’t talk to you.”

Personally, I choose not to be a snob. But in my experience, these type of people repel all kinds of people so it’s a good way to make others disinterested in you. Your game though. Not mine. What I noticed with people like this is they are usually at the mercy of more known family members or relatives or an organization. And behaving this way is the only shot they get at being famous because fame is everything to them.

4. Be serious about every freakin’ topic. This one’s a killer. Hahaha! Have no idea how this works but apparently, people can do this. People who jump at every given topic in social media (or in real life!) and are too darn serious about them is a good way to be the prey of every joker in town. In other words, this is an invitation to all the bullies out there. Or we can also call this, the making of a bully. Even if you’re not a bully, you can become one when you encounter someone like this. So please don’t be one. Join a conversation if you must. Just don’t get all too serious. Say something funny or something clever. If you don’t know how to do that, then shut up. Or go find a topic you know. Just don’t go getting serious about everything.

5. Say And Do What Everyone Else Is Saying And Doing. Some people are so oblivious of who they are, they just parrot what others say, and act like robots doing what everyone else is doing. Just for the sake of being “in.” That’s a great recipe in getting people to be disinterested in you.

My advise? Understand that everything has already been said and done. But nobody else can say or do things the way you can. Meaning, put your heart and soul to whatever it is you say and do. And for goodness’ sake, endeavour to know who you are so you don’t look like a scary clown trying to be like everyone else.

6. Be A Know-It-All. There’s really no explanation needed for this one.

7. Be awkward. I’ve tried this many, many times now. This is my favorite by far. If you know how to be awkward, it can be really fun. And you can learn a lot from it too. I’ve found that this is a good way to get rid of people you don’t want to hang out with, and the better way to sort out the fun people around.

So there you go, ladies and gents. Hope you had fun reading this and learned something from it. Now, go and share the joy of being awkward with the right people! 😂