Steal My Girl

She knows, she knows

That I’ve never let her down before

She knows, she knows

That I’m never gonna let another take her love from me now

This is probably one of the One Direction songs that people love so much. During this pandemic, I discovered this boyband’s music even if I’ve heard them before. I say that because before this pandemic, the last song I remember ever hearing from One Direction was the Best Song Ever. So that was a really long time ago. It was just a few months ago that I discovered the rest of their songs. And since this year is their 10 year anniversary, my social media timelines were flooded with 1D guys & their songs back in July. This one in particular.

I thought the song’s nice enough. The tune is unmistakably One Direction, and that was it for me. Until today. I’m preparing to write something because that’s mostly what I’ve been doing lately. When I was taking a break from writing, I saw a clip of this again on IG. I checked the lyrics, and realised this might just as well be a song all the feminists in the world can sing. A song every girl could be singing to themselves you only need to adjust some of the lyrics. I’m not really a proponent of self-love only. But I do understand that we need to love ourselves, for sure, and then follow Jesus’s words: Love others as you love yourself.

Everybody wanna steal my girl

Everybody wanna take her heart away

Couple billion in the whole wide world

Find another one ’cause she belongs to me

A lot of people want to steal from us, girls. They want to steal our attention, lead us on, manipulate us, make us think they love us when the truth is they only want us to serve their personal agenda (selfish ambitions & for some, their sexual pleasures).

Don’t let them steal anything from you, ladies – men, situations, other bad women, not even your mistakes. Don’t let them steal your joy of loving yourself, loving & enjoying your family, having & choosing great friends.

Don’t let men steal too many things like your belief in yourself, your love & care for your loved ones, your way of thinking, your body.

Don’t let situations steal your dignity, respectability, candour.

Don’t let other bad women steal what’s rightfully for you, the things you worked so hard on, your beauty.

Don’t let your mistakes steal your confidence, peace, joy, who you really are.

Tell them. Tell them all – she belongs to me. Then add, “Me, myself & I belong to my God.”

And then…

Na na na na na na (oh, yeah)

(She belongs to me, yeah)

Na na na na na na (alright)

Na na na na na na