My Kind of Romantic

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I was riding at the back of my guy friend’s motorcycle from a birthday party – I was 18 – when this friend of mine decided to bring up again the topic of “qualifications of a spouse.” We had a ‘Dating, Courtship, Marriage Seminar’ at church the week before. I told him, “If he’s not like Jesus Christ, I won’t go for him.”

He’s very persistent to the point of being insensitive as all teenagers sometimes are, (or is it, ‘as all men are?’) even if after the seminar I already told him I don’t want to talk about it anymore, he still gave his rebuttal, “Angel, there is no one like Jesus. He’s unique. He’s one of a kind. You won’t find anyone like him. (As if to say, Jesus was never human.) To which I replied, “Then I shall never marry. Good night! Thanks for bringing me home.”

While the endless talk about marriage really annoys me, I confess, I’m a romantic. Since everybody seems so concerned about ‘having a spouse’ then (I was 18) until now, I’ve decided to put up my list. I’m romantic and I’m kind too, I think. I’d like to put this up so other men can realise they don’t stand a chance & hopefully, help them to be better. That’s a snarky comment again, isn’t it? Or is it just a really bad one? Oh dear…

Here’s my list:

1. Satisfied In Christ. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to get married but knows how to love people and understands a person’s need for community especially spiritual family. Someone who loves Jesus more than anyone or anything else in the world.

2. Deeply Rooted In God’s Words. I need someone who share the same love, delight for God’s words. Someone who can call me out when I’m going the wrong way, saying or doing things the wrong way. Someone who knows how to correct me the right way. Someone who knows what the ‘right way’ actually is without me lecturing him about it.

3. Not horribly, horribly irritable. We all have something we get annoyed with. I need someone who knows himself enough to know what irritates him, and how to humbly deal with it.

4. Will not win me over with his declarations or actions of love but with his obedience to Christ. This is something too rare and truly incredibly hard to find. It’s never easy to obey God but I need someone who knows how to do it in both the little things and the bigger ways.

5. Has a really, really sexy facial hair. I know this last one has nothing to do with romance but this is my blog, you’re just gonna have to read that part. You have no choice in the matter. 😂 I meant, someone who appreciates how I appreciate him. And knows how to communicate his appreciation even in the littlest of ways.

That’s my kind of romantic. What’s yours?


Father’s Day Moment

“So there’s this guy I’m interested in.”

These were my words during my quiet time early this morning. And well, He answered, “Your heavenly Father knows what you need even before you ask Him.” He kept repeating those words over and over again. So I asked the question.

And then I got flashes of scenarios in my head. There was a moment in my life when I was so focused with the wrong guy. Everybody kept telling me the guy was not right for me. I didn’t listen to them. But more importantly, I forgot that it was just a task I was told to do.

So anyway, I got lost in that moment. But then there were days when this guy was just there by the end of the steps, waiting for me as if telling me, “Look at me. I’m the right man for you.” At that time, I didn’t think it was something. I just thought, “Kinda weird to see him there every single time.”

You have to understand that I got lost with the misleadings of the wrong man. We all know that all too familiar scene. You were so busy with the wrong person meanwhile the right one comes along quietly. You get a hint but you don’t think about it.

And then after some time, I thought of just giving up on all of them. But I had a great reminder. It read, “The right man will pursue the right woman and the right woman will inspire the right man to keep pursuing.” A great friend said those words. After all these years, he’s still educating me. Thank God for that very timely reminder.

And then I finished my quiet time by reading the book of Ezra. And what a great comfort it was! Just that amazing time of God’s way of bringing you back to His loving arms. That book shows us all that when God wants it done, it will be done. And I love the ending of the book where Ezra just kept humbling himself in the Lord, stepping away from all the dictates of the world and just making people realise how bad they’ve all sinned against God and therefore resulted in the people asking for God’s forgiveness and correcting their wrongs , just living their lives for His glory.

I thought to myself, “That’s the kind of man I’ve always wanted. That’s the kind of man I know God has put in my heart to want all these years. The kind of man who knows His God, follows His orders and understands what grieves His heart. That. That kind of man.”