The Price of Beauty


I look at the life of this man who was and is more powerful than anything or anyone this world could ever imagine but then chose to live a humble, quiet life and made it his life goal to obey his Father.

We saw how his obedience changed the world and we can all agree, it was beautiful.

I’m glad that the great men and women who lived and died after him, wasted no time playing around but did what needed to be done. From this, I’ve observed that the people who made such a great impact in this world are those who thought about and did the “right thing” in response to this one man’s life example. Not those who thought about making an impact so people would revere them. Not those who thought about being popular and so considered themselves powerful to take advantage of others.

There’s nothing beautiful about trying to control or controlling other people. There’s nothing beautiful about using other people for your advantage. There’s nothing beautiful about playing with other people’s emotions. I consider ugly those who even think of such things. And those who take pride of showing such behavior, in my opinion, don’t even deserve to live. But that’s just me.

I believe that every human being is given a chance to make a beautiful impact in this world. We are all given an equal opportunity to change the world for the better. And if we are honest, we know that that is all we are ever going to get.

And so I read about all the things he went through, all the pain and hurt he had to endure, all the miserable people he had to encounter and deal with, and I can’t help but be astounded by the incredible display of his patience and how he enjoyed his journey. One can’t help but notice that while he had all the power the world will never know, he knew how to trust his Father’s power and perfect timing in everything.

I have always found it hard to believe but the way he endured drudgery was more than beautiful for me.

The world watched him gave up his life to demonstrate the Father’s love for us all and things were never the same.

What did you ever have to pay to experience something beautiful?

Jesus paid the price.


What’s With The Hair?

imageWhen I was younger, the trend was all about ‘straight hair.’ I was part of a youth choir at church at age 15. All of the girls had straight hair. Some naturally straight. Some straightened. We would all sit together in one row when attending the service and the “oldies” would laugh at how “hideous” my hair was.

It was one of those bad memories. I still remember how I felt about how “older, mature” people would laugh about it like it’s the most ridiculous thing they’d ever seen. There was even a time when I would always have my hair on a ponytail just to hide it.

Thankfully, I had great friends who knew how to comfort me and a mom who couldn’t care less about what “ugly” people had to say. Hahaha! My mom had a way of dealing with things and a unique set of skills to comfort me. My mom is incredibly beautiful. And she’d always tell me that I look very much like her. It was always an ego boost to hear that from my mom. So when she notices I’m sad or when I talked to her one day about how I feel about what other people at church were saying about my hair, she told me, ‘It’s because they’re all ugly that’s why they are laughing at your hair. They’re jealous of you because you can afford to have beautiful crazy curls like that and it goes well with your face, they don’t. They need straight hair otherwise people would call them the crazy Sisa.”

Mothers, truly, are amazing! 😄

I’m still working on a blog about imagination and I’m nearly done but I thought of putting this one up first.

They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Some people believe that to be true. Others don’t. In my opinion, with hair or without, a woman is beautiful. I’m writing this one for all the girls out there – and lately I found out for some grown women too – who feel insecure about their hair.

I’ve decided to put together a list of advices on how to take care of your beautiful locks. This isn’t a fashion blog. This is not a list that will give you products and costly solutions to have the “perfect wavy” hair. On the second thought, the list maybe costly but not on a material note.

Here we go:

1. Clean it good.
It starts from the beginning. You have to take care of it by washing it well. Take care of your scalp. Don’t use your nails to rub it. Use your finger pads instead. Rubbing the scalp with your fingernails causes the scalp to be flaky and you don’t want that. Be sure to rinse it well. Let it dry properly.

2. Choose the best shampoo and conditioner
. Some shampoo have such harsh ingredients and instead of helping your hair stay beautiful, they can ruin it. Be careful of shampoos that promise ‘light and flowy feel’. They could just make your hair like a hard broom.

3. Don’t put it up when wet
. Never. Never put it up when wet. Best to let it dry properly. Besides the fact that it makes for an awful smell, it causes tangles. And we all know what happens with tangled hair.

4. Ready a hair cuticle coat.
With the kind of weather we have here in the Philippines, it’s best to have something like it handy. They can help greatly if you get a hair emergency. Emergency, like sitting on a coffee shop writing a blog. You never know, a cute guy could walk in and see you as you are busy writing. Best to put some on before sitting there. Hehe..

5. Wear it confidently.
Because when you do, it will come out beautifully no matter how messy it looks like.

6. Never be boring with your hair.
Put it up. Let it down. Go for a clean bun. Don’t – never – forget to have a messy bun. If you have a wavy hair, learn the different styles & tricks with “working” the hair. Maybe I should blog about that too. Hahaha! Maybe not.

7. Never say “healthy hair.”
Scientifically, hair is made up of dead cells. So never say those two words and be confirmed as “something” by intelligent people. Just say “shiny, beautiful hair.” There’s no need to say it’s healthy.

So there. I hope this is helpful, ladies. Work that self-esteem and know where your confidence lies. Now, be careful. You can be confident without being arrogant. And never let insecurity get in the way of dealing with your hair. 😉