Unremarkable Days

You know those days when you’re like, “This is the best day ever”? How about those days that are just so good you feel so powerful you have no issue whatever comes your way? Still we have days that make you feel like you can just embrace everyone and feel like you are Mother Theresa or Princess Diana. You ever have one of those days, or is it just me? 

Come on. Alright, let me try again. How about those days when you just know you can kill a person with just your fart? No? Nothing like That? How about those days when you hate everything that’s happening to you, you could almost swear you can fart in space and just have the whole world expunged? 

You might be wondering what’s with the word “fart” that I keep using it. I like that word. It’s kind of nasty and incredibly funny at the same time. I mean, it’s hard to find a word that can give that kind of effect these days.

So anyway, we have those happy days, we have those sad days and we have other days in between. And we have to admit, some days just seem so unremarkable, noh? But what I love about living this life for Jesus is that, those days that seem so insignificant, those are the days when God is actually working hard for us. Have you ever read those words before? It always feels so weird hearing those words – God working hard – but even weirder to actually write them.

For Someone who only said the words and then the world, universe and everything else came into being, it didn’t seem He’s the kind of guy who works hard. But the Bible did say, He rested on the seventh day. So maybe He really got tired after saying all those words. 

I wonder sometimes if He feels what we feel – you know, when days aren’t just as special, or as happy as we want them to be? Of course when you think about that, one can’t help but think about how Jesus went with His days before He started preaching, calling out disciples, showing miracles. All of a sudden, “unremarkable days” didn’t seem that bad at all. 

I mean, if the King of kings had “unremarkable days” in this world, why should it bother us if we do? If the King of kings diligently handled “unremarkable days” on this planet, why couldn’t we follow His example? If the King of kings and the Lord of lords, didn’t make a big deal of those seemingly “unremarkable days” walking the earth, why should we?

Maybe unremarkable days are meant for us to treasure some days and have fun, sweat and tears with all the other days in between. 

Train To Busan

wp-1474204650890.jpgHave you seen this film? You should definitely see it. I am not a fan of zombie movies but I have to tell you, you should definitely go and see this.

Train To Busan is an Asian zombie movie that is worthy of all Hollywood glory. Not that Hollywood glory is all there is look up to now. The world is changing. The things that seemed so prestigious then is losing its glamour now. In fact, any group of people who seem to think they are dominating the entire world are no longer “in” now. But I am getting ahead of myself.

It’s a South Korean zombie thriller but it also has all the drama, comedy, action, love story, and apocalyptic theme everyone wants. I didn’t want the zombie part and that’s the reason why I didn’t bother to see it the first time I heard about it. But it turns out, that part is where I would get my reflection from. So anyway, let me tell you that the only Korean movie I saw prior to this was My Sassy Girl and I loved, loved, loved that film.

Korean Love

I loved their Korean telenovelas too. I loved Stairway To Heaven: Winter Sonata; The Coffee Prince – Gong Yoo, by the way, the main character in this movie was THE coffee prince (Yeah, I know, he is so pogi!!!); that Korean Novela that introduced us to the word, “Aja!”- I forgot the title; and of course, Jewel In The Palace. I’m a fan but I’m not a fanatic.

So it’s a zombie movie but anyone who has seen it must admit, the storytelling was incredible! Kudos to the makers of the film! Well, the South Koreans have always been great storytellers. Galeng! But while it’s a zombie movie it showed us that it was more than that. It showed us that it’s not just about the value of a life but what life really is all about.

The Ride

The ride to Busan represents life doesn’t it? Life, like their train ride, can be easy one minute and then terrifying the next, has its own imminent danger, can be chaotic sometimes, can be comedic too in the midst of life and death situations. So that’s life.

I love how they showed us in that train ride, just like in real life, the odd people we will meet and come across with. I was able to relate how, after they battled their way to where they can meet and be with their loved ones, after all the struggles they went through, after all the pain, they nearly lost all their energy, they were still kicked out of the group. They wanted to help and save more people and for that they were thrown out.

Anyone trying to do the right thing, will always get the beating and seeming defeat at first. But just hang in there. You will get all the good you deserve.

The Zombies

The zombies represent all the dangers and trouble we have and we will get in this train ride called life. I know that sometimes in life, we meet people who are worse than zombies just like how they showed it in the movie, but I wanted to say we don’t have to be bitter with those horrible people. They were horrible. Everybody in the film was scared, obviously. In this life, everybody’s scared too because they haven’t a clue what to do. But that’s no excuse to treat people harshly.

Fear is never an excuse. 

You know how sometimes you are so down in life and you ask for help but instead of these people helping you up, they spit at you, punch you, kick you and give you all sorts of insults? When that happens, you know that feeling of just wanting to kill all of them?  Well, my friend, it’s just a feeling. Let it go. Killing them won’t do you any good.

Living your life with a goal to humiliate or mock others, as your way of putting up your revenge for all the humiliation they did to you, is not the way to do it either. In fact, let me just say it straight up, it’s a stupid way to live. There is a God who sees everything. Live your life in a way that is pleasing to Him. Let go of your vendetta. It will never do you any good. Never.

The Mistakes 

And that’s exactly what they did in the film. They let go. They move on. The next thing they know these people who kicked them out were being eaten by the zombies and then later on have become zombies themselves. Oh, the tragedy!

I say be careful how you live your life. Sometimes in our vendetta to live “better” lives than others, when our hearts are not right, when we refuse to learn, when we choose to be prideful, we end up choking everything we said we didn’t want to be. The next thing you know, you’re wondering how your life has become everything you never wanted it to be. And oh, the tragedy!

When the father realised that he will become what he fought so hard not to be, he quickly gave instructions to the pregnant woman and to his daughter. His mistake was not being careful when he was “handling” that zombie who threatened to eat his kid and the pregnant lady.

The Ride Continues

The scene when the little girl was crying knowing her dad would be gone soon and that moment she realised it was her who insisted to take that train ride to Busan was so moving. She said it was all her fault. She was a little girl who knew her mistakes. She owned up to them. And learned a great deal from them.

I hope we could all be that girl. Someone who can realise our mistakes, own up to them and learn a great deal from them.

Let’s not be stuck in that stupid phase where we keep blaming everybody for our misfortunes. In the grand scheme of things, just like how they showed it in the film, we ALL make mistakes, but we MUST learn from them. We all make mistakes and that is NEVER what it’s about.

What It’s About

The question we should ask ourselves, “Did we help each other the best way we can?” The question I need to ask myself, “Did I help others the best possible way I can?” You have to exhaust all your resources to if you decide to help others. Because there’s no point helping others, if you don’t know how to go all out, no reservations. Keep in mind, it’s always a privilege to help other people.

So remember, just because you’ve messed up big time, it doesn’t mean you don’t get a shot at making things right. Just because you made all the horrible, terrible mistakes, it doesn’t mean you don’t get a shot at redemption. You do. We all do.

Because of Jesus, we do.

And isn’t that why Jesus gave the great commission? We would go out to the ends of the earth to preach the gospel so everyone will accept Him as their Lord and Savior. I love reading about the missions the early Christians did. They were talking to people who didn’t understand a word they said. So they helped others understand them.

The early missionaries learned the language of the places they went to. They taught the people then how to speak their language. Most of them were eaten, burnt alive, drowned, flogged, humiliated, sacrificed in the hopes of helping the unbelievers know who Jesus is and make them understand what He did for mankind.

How are you helping others to get to know Jesus Christ? How are you helping the believers of Jesus Christ?

Go ahead and watch Train To Busan. You might just get the idea I’m talking about.