The Price of Beauty


I look at the life of this man who was and is more powerful than anything or anyone this world could ever imagine but then chose to live a humble, quiet life and made it his life goal to obey his Father.

We saw how his obedience changed the world and we can all agree, it was beautiful.

I’m glad that the great men and women who lived and died after him, wasted no time playing around but did what needed to be done. From this, I’ve observed that the people who made such a great impact in this world are those who thought about and did the “right thing” in response to this one man’s life example. Not those who thought about making an impact so people would revere them. Not those who thought about being popular and so considered themselves powerful to take advantage of others.

There’s nothing beautiful about trying to control or controlling other people. There’s nothing beautiful about using other people for your advantage. There’s nothing beautiful about playing with other people’s emotions. I consider ugly those who even think of such things. And those who take pride of showing such behavior, in my opinion, don’t even deserve to live. But that’s just me.

I believe that every human being is given a chance to make a beautiful impact in this world. We are all given an equal opportunity to change the world for the better. And if we are honest, we know that that is all we are ever going to get.

And so I read about all the things he went through, all the pain and hurt he had to endure, all the miserable people he had to encounter and deal with, and I can’t help but be astounded by the incredible display of his patience and how he enjoyed his journey. One can’t help but notice that while he had all the power the world will never know, he knew how to trust his Father’s power and perfect timing in everything.

I have always found it hard to believe but the way he endured drudgery was more than beautiful for me.

The world watched him gave up his life to demonstrate the Father’s love for us all and things were never the same.

What did you ever have to pay to experience something beautiful?

Jesus paid the price.


5 Days before Christmas!


Thank You, Father, for the gift of Your great love. Now, I’ve come to truly understand that I will never be able to truly understand love. But, that it’s the best thing in this world. Love. Your Love. No words to say how grateful I am for Your unfathomable Love.

I love You, Father. I love You, Jesus. I love You, Holy Spirit.

Thank you.