Unremarkable Days

You know those days when you’re like, “This is the best day ever”? How about those days that are just so good you feel so powerful you have no issue whatever comes your way? Still we have days that make you feel like you can just embrace everyone and feel like you are Mother Theresa or Princess Diana. You ever have one of those days, or is it just me? 

Come on. Alright, let me try again. How about those days when you just know you can kill a person with just your fart? No? Nothing like That? How about those days when you hate everything that’s happening to you, you could almost swear you can fart in space and just have the whole world expunged? 

You might be wondering what’s with the word “fart” that I keep using it. I like that word. It’s kind of nasty and incredibly funny at the same time. I mean, it’s hard to find a word that can give that kind of effect these days.

So anyway, we have those happy days, we have those sad days and we have other days in between. And we have to admit, some days just seem so unremarkable, noh? But what I love about living this life for Jesus is that, those days that seem so insignificant, those are the days when God is actually working hard for us. Have you ever read those words before? It always feels so weird hearing those words – God working hard – but even weirder to actually write them.

For Someone who only said the words and then the world, universe and everything else came into being, it didn’t seem He’s the kind of guy who works hard. But the Bible did say, He rested on the seventh day. So maybe He really got tired after saying all those words. 

I wonder sometimes if He feels what we feel – you know, when days aren’t just as special, or as happy as we want them to be? Of course when you think about that, one can’t help but think about how Jesus went with His days before He started preaching, calling out disciples, showing miracles. All of a sudden, “unremarkable days” didn’t seem that bad at all. 

I mean, if the King of kings had “unremarkable days” in this world, why should it bother us if we do? If the King of kings diligently handled “unremarkable days” on this planet, why couldn’t we follow His example? If the King of kings and the Lord of lords, didn’t make a big deal of those seemingly “unremarkable days” walking the earth, why should we?

Maybe unremarkable days are meant for us to treasure some days and have fun, sweat and tears with all the other days in between. 

My Message

I look outside my terrace door and see the commanding calm of colors. A dancing blue. A contemplating yellow. A peeking red. In less than five minutes they’re gone. A blackish blue suddenly appeared. I don’t know how it came about or where it came from given all the other colors mentioned.

A silver lining.

And then I feel the wind. A cool wind. The kind of cool that works in my whole body. I can feel it strengthening every joint, calming every nerve, relaxing every fiber of my body. I see a twinkle. Or maybe two. As I move my gaze to the right, I see that there are more. They are shining like they never did before. Weird, I thought. I said the same thing before. But they are really different tonight. Is it just me or my mind playing tricks on me? 

I hear the trees. And the leaves. They seem to be talking to each other. I wonder what they’re talking about. Are they talking about climate change? Do they feel it too? Do they talk about love? I wonder if they ever feel heartache? Or loneliness? Or sadness? What would make them sad? We don’t have squirrels in these parts. 

And then quietness.

I hear my mom talking on the phone. There’s a cat that called something or someone, I’m not sure. I heard a young boy laughing. And then another one laughed louder. They were talking about computers or something. 

You ever stop to wonder why others struggle to be everything they were told they should be? Should is a strong word. Should is a dangerous word. You should know that by now. Don’t let me fool you. Be.