Have You Met Jacob?

You will find his story towards the end of the book of Genesis. He’s an amazing man. He’s one of those men who stood their ground when fear, doubt tried to creep in. And he obeyed God every step of the way. You should meet him. He’s worth emulating. Go, read about him and then we’ll talk about him when you’re done.

Monster In The Mirror

One of the hardest things in life is that time when you finally realise the kind of person that you really are. And normally we are taken aback when we see how rotten we really are to the core. We look in the mirror and we see a monster. So we ask how did this being happen in me? Why did I let myself become this monster?

For some who’d like to make themselves believe they had no clue when the monster started to happen, it will never be clear for them. But all is not lost. The good thing is, there’s always hope. And if you believe in God like I do, the answer is He is the Hope of glory.

I firmly believe that God is the one who makes us see exactly who we really are. Years of disobedience in His words and again for some of us, unbelief in God, brings about things we never thought we were doing to & for ourselves – which is becoming the monster we now see. If God makes us see, then how are we to respond?

  • Thank God for allowing you to see.
  • Acknowledge you’re a monster.
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Accept that you cannot change on your own.
  • Pray to God to change you from the inside out.
  • Believe He will & can change you.
  • Understand the transformation will always be difficult.
  • But always be grateful to God because He will never leave you nor forsake you.

The process can take a while. What’s important is you keep holding on to Him. Remember, surrender is the name of the game. Once you understand how to truly surrender yourself to God, you will see His light of glory shining on you. And you will then find out that surrendering to God means He will give you people you will surrender to as well. Don’t worry. It’s never about looking down on you or spitting on you.

The people God brings in our lives are the ones who have always loved us and fought to have us in their lives. So stop your paranoia that people are always out to get you or put you down or that they want to make you feel like you’re dumb. Because that’s not true. They will fight with you because they see the monster. And they don’t want that to eat you up. They are going to fight to have you and not the monster.