Timeless Dreams

Sometimes no matter how hard I try, I have a hard time articulating that which I really want to say. We all have those moments, I guess. I recently wrote an article. It was my first ever published work. I didn’t think I could do it, but by God’s grace I did it. I mean, published work and got paid for it.
It was definitely exciting. Had a hard time and a great time writing it. How awesome can God really be to give me the opportunity to write and get paid for something I really, really love. I am due to write another article. I am on research stage. I am mega excited!

I am working on learning more about writing. I still think I am a terrible writer. Ha! But you know what they say, a little progress is better than delayed perfection.

My small group leader asked me at the beginning of the year what my plans and (short & long term) goals were for 2017. Writing was one of the things I mentioned. Before January ended, my article was published. It wasn’t a big company or anything. But it was a big deal for me. It still makes me cry a bit even now. Hahaha!

My heart is full and grateful because God is faithful. And His words remain true always and forever. How wonderful is it that our dreams are timeless with Him! I love that by God’s grace, my flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!  (Psalm 73:26)

In a world that has made its goal to break all of a person’s hopes and dreams, I want to say, I love You, Giver of Dreams and Fulfiller of them!

Oh, it is my prayer for you, my dear reader, that your dreams come true too in accordance with our Loving Father’s will. Share your answered prayers in the comment section. I would love to read about them! 😊


Crocodiles & A Boy


His name was Arlem Pignot. I know because I saw it spelled out on the screen. At least, that’s how the dream looked like.

He looked like a typical ten to twelve year old Filipino boy. He was skinny. Brown skin. He had a smiling face. Well, in the dream he smiled a lot even at the very last scene just before I opened my eyes this morning to realise that it was just a dream.

I have had dreams like that before where in the morning I still see every single detail of the dream with my waking eyes. It’s like the dream goes on. It doesn’t happen very often though. But every single one of those dreams, I remember them all. They were messages.

My first reaction, and always has been, was to ask God, ‘What are you telling me, Lord?’

The Dream

The dream was in black and white. It was a documentary. I know because there was a narrator. But it was like watching a 1940s documentary. Flickering black and white scenes. In the dream, the scenes seemed very connected. As I think about them now, it doesn’t seem like that anymore.

The first scene was an aerial shot of water – more like an enclosure than a swamp – with lots of crocs. The way we see them now inside a zoo. But it was a huge cage because the crocs were big, full grown.

The narrator said, ‘Crocs don’t eat what you deliberately offer them. They are hunters. They would rather hunt their food.’

So the scene was, there was a man floating in the water surrounded by all the big crocs.

In my mind as I watch the scene, I said to myself, ‘That’s not right. They will eat the man.’

True enough. After I said those words, a big croc made a huge splash in the water, opened its big mouth and locked the man’s body in its powerful, big jaws.
It’s unclear how the man got himself out of the croc’s mouth but I remember the man coming out of the water, the crocs lying quietly in the water behind him and then he showed off the marks of the bite of the big croc. It was weird because there were only two marks on the left side of his chest. They weren’t as big as you would expect a jaw like that would make its mark. But he was proud of it. I couldn’t hear his words. The words were not in English or Filipino. And then I remember thinking within the dream that maybe this was set in Indonesia. And the people in this docu aren’t Filipinos. I also remember that after the croc locked the man in its jaw, it didn’t make the usual snaps when eating its prey.

The Boy’s Ordeal

And then the next scene was about this boy and the ordeal he went through with this giant, muscular croc.

I don’t know why but it was like he was going to perform something. So he showed himself to this big croc which locked its eyes on the boy. And then there was this wall between the two of them as that of an enclosure. There was a ladder that the boy was climbing up to. It was very clear that the big croc was just waiting for the boy but the boy was just smiling as he was climbing up the ladder.

Somehow, the boy got to the other side of the enclosure where the big croc was waiting patiently and then the moment the boy landed on his feet, the croc went for the boy, got a hold of the boy’s right arm with its powerful jaw and you can see that there was blood everywhere as the croc was trying so hard to remove the boy’s arm.

Suddenly, there was a man and a woman who tried to take the boy away from the croc. There was panic in that particular scene. The cameraman didn’t know what to do. At that point, I looked away and closed my eyes.

After that scenario, the boy was shown, with his name on the screen, smiling while riding at the back of a huge croc without his right arm.

And that’s when I woke up. The dreams I had in the past would make me cry so hard because I would feel every pain, sorrow, fear as they were in the dream. Here, I didn’t feel anything. But it is definitely making me think hard about it.

What I’ve Learned About Crocs

Reading about crocs, I learned that crocs are ferocious hunters but they don’t really prey on humans even if there’s lots of human attacks recorded. “They are ferocious hunters but they are opportunistic predators.” according to a BBC report I saw.

They are dangerous animals, yes, but not all species attack humans. Some croc species are more afraid and only bite when disturbed or taken by surprise.

Since they are cold-blooded animals, if it’s cold, they’re normally quiet and won’t attack. The attacks recorded were usually during warmer seasons.

It’s not true that noise scare them away. By making noises, you attract them. When they’re hungry and it’s breeding season – hot temperatures – they are most likely to head your direction and eat you.

When grabbed by a croc, you can poke their eyes or hit the nose because those are sensitive parts. Or grab a stick, put it in their throats, while you are in between their jaws. That may make them gag and let you go.

I’m still thinking why I was given this dream. I’m praying that God would reveal to me the truth about this dream. If you can give your own interpretations to it, I welcome you.

At this point, I am making sense of the dream and the facts about crocs, and the boy represented in it.