Bearing In Mind

From my previous blog, the Questionnaire, I had some questions that didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I chose those questions because I am a listener more than I am a talker. 

I like listening to people. Even when I was a young girl, I’ve always been sensitive of my playmates’ reactions. My cousins and I grew up together and because I love them and I happen to be the eldest in our age group, I am usually very careful not to make them cry. But I am not the kindest cousin, I tell you. Now, that’s for another blog. 

When I asked my new teammates in the office the questions from my previous blog, it was really for a combination of factors: I wanted to know them – their personality – based on how they answer my questions; I was curious to find out if there’s anyone there who think the way I do – and so to see how their minds work; and to discover who is the most intelligent of them all emotionally.

I say “most intelligent emotionally” because while I get angry on Twitter, I am not really in the habit of associating myself with people who have a lot of feelings. The main thing that I look for in a man, is whether he is too emotional or not. That is why I am incredibly grateful I never had someone like that.

I truly believe that this world needs more “emotionally intelligent beings.” Those easily carried away with their emotions seemed to me, won’t do this world any good and therefore needs to be disposed of. Hahaha! Kidding. Sorry. But seriously, think about it. 

Being an emotionally intelligent person does not mean you don’t experience any emotion. It just means that one is aware of his/her own feelings and able to identify where an emotion comes from. And because one is able to identify one’s feelings, then you are able to respond properly and better in any given situation.

Recently, I sent a really bad email to a person who has become very dear to me. It was a bad email because I said the most hurtful words, I think. I was so angry. So, I’m the one to talk about being emotionally intelligent. I am sharing this to prove that being emotionally intelligent does not mean you don’t make mistakes or that you will be a perfect human being.

When I sent that email, I kept thinking about how the other person would feel. But alas, I was too weak against my pain & frustrations. I sent the email more than  24 hours later. 

Bearing in mind – being mindful – that we all need to look after the feelings of others, in my opinion is one of the things the world needs at this day and age. 

Practice mindfulness.