Tale As Old As Time…

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“… true as it can be. Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly..”

I have no idea how my love story is being written. All I know is that it is being written by the most excellent, most incredible Storyteller of all time. And for that I have more than enough reason to be sure it will be as brilliant as He only knows it can be. And truth be told, I love it best when He does all these things. Surprises & all. 

February, as we know, is considered love month. I’ve never been lured into celebrating this month ever since I can remember. But I thought of putting up an entry in the hopes of declaring True Love.

Tune As Old As Song…

You ever notice how every love story begins? Isn’t it curious that it all starts out the same? It comes in many different ways and forms but it has always been boy meets girl. They both start out hopeful, gets desperate, and then, did you notice how it usually ends? It always ends either one of two ways. They either decide to give up and fall apart, or live to continue what was started come what may.

Can you identify which part of the story you’re in?

Sometimes it can get really frustrating. You try so hard, you give it everything you’ve got, only to get nothing in return, only to be rejected. Or you both do everything you can to salvage a relationship but nothing just ever seems to work out. 

You start to question everything. You try to make sense of all the pain, frustration, sorrow until it seems the only logical thing to do is to give up, let go, accept that nothing will change. Accept that the end has finally come. Accept that there’s nothing more either of you could do about how bad things have become. 

Bittersweet And Strange…

And then the morning comes reminding us that everything is made anew each sunrise. Suddenly, you realise that the person you loathe now isn’t really anyone else but yourself.

It would seem that the person who made all the mistake isn’t him or her but you. It’s not that you can’t forgive the other person. It’s easy to forgive others of their mistakes.

You realise the truth is that you are having a hard time forgiving them for having seen every tiny bits and pieces of the mistakes you committed. 

Beauty And The Beast

You begin to see that the other Person has always been patient, willing to wait, ready to accept everything about you and help you in and with anything. 

You wonder how can Someone be so understanding of your feelings, mood swings, foul temper, impatience. Why did He ever choose to be with you? What has He seen in you that’s even worth laying eyes on? How bizarre, unbelievably incredible, mind-blowing can it really be that Someone would want to spend eternity with someone like you? 

The idea of a love story between a man and a woman is something I will always be delighted to hear. But the love story between the Maker and his creation, now that is something I always marvel at. Someone offering his very life to prove how much He loves me. The Father giving His only Son that I could be with Him from here and for all time? This writing will never give justice to its incredibly beautifully written story.

I realise time and time again that He is the Beauty. And I… I am the beast

My Hero


Thank You for making me see. Thankful for Your amazing grace that makes me see. You would move heaven and earth for me. Well, for Your children.

I sit here contemplating Your love for me. Why You would love me this way I can & will never understand. But the Holy Spirit’s reassuring, manifest Presence does more than make me understand.

You gave Your only Son for me, us. You ransomed me, us. You gave me a beautiful family here on earth. It’s not perfect but it’s exactly the one I need. You made a plant that would become the drink I’d love. The drink we would always share together.

You are never what we think You are. You are always more. Always so much more.

As if that’s not enough, You give me a voice to sing back Your praises. So I sing. I will always sing for You. And dance with You. Never get tired of dancing with You.

You’ve been my constant Help. When the whole world turned its back on me, You waited patiently and welcomed me with open arms. You told me and keep telling me You love me.

I give You my whole heart. There are no words to say how grateful I am for all You’ve done. So I obey. I offer myself a living sacrifice. This life has nothing to offer me so I will do anything to please You. I hope You’re smiling. I hope You’re proud of me. I hope I’ve been a good girl in Your eyes.

Father, You’re my hero.

Your loving daughter & friend…