Worlds Apart

Photo from Science World

It started with books. I fell in love with the men in the books that I used to read. Then an idea came: Maybe global positioning has something to do with it. Then there were really awful men who couldn’t get over how a woman is completely a different type of universe altogether. Someone they will never be able to reach, as if that’s the whole point. Psychopaths.

Before you know it, something is happening. You’re beginning to realise “this could be real.” You think you can aim for something halfway across the world. You do everything you can to reach out just like Frodo during those final moments inside Mordor with Sam. The only difference is, the Sam in your story wouldn’t want to reach out to take your hand as you’re dangling in that death cliff. Too many reasons. Suddenly, everything feels like it’s more than just a climate change. You realise it is, in fact, a pandemic. And it’s all around you. You wanted to make it stop but doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. Two things you are so sure of: the pandemic will end at some point, and you’re a changed person even before it ends.

These days are renewed every single day. We are closer to each other than ever before. We all feel each other’s pain, joy. We are no longer worlds apart. If it feels that way, it’s only because we chose and we continue to choose to make each other feel that way.

It’s good to figure things out on your own. It’s better to figure things out together. Friendship is always always a good place to start.

My Friend

There was suppose to be one more blog prior to this one. I’ve decided it best not to post it anymore. Or maybe I will. In the near future, who knows. I won’t be leaving this one entirely. A long time ago, I learned that no good can come from leaving people hanging.

Let it be known that the only reason I’m putting this blog out is because of the one person who has been a great help to me on every high and every low. Next to Jesus, he was always there every step of the way and for that, I am eternally grateful. I put this out here because he’s the only one who can understand why and what’s going to happen next. Or maybe there’s another person – the person I dream of having coffee, breakfast and great Bible conversations with. He probably won’t approve of this.

My friend, you know who you are. My dear friend, I’m afraid the time has finally come for me. I take my hat off. Let this be my final bow. Words are never enough to thank you for everything you did for me. I will bump into you one day with your lovely wife – please let her know that I truly adore her and your lovely kids (have some more) – and I will be sure to call your name.

This show is over. It took me a while to accept it but at least now I finally have. God knows and you do how hard I fought for this but there’s just this unquestionable beauty in surrender. When everyone else has left me buried in the mud, you’ve always been there to help me direct my eyes above and see that I can always pick myself up. This is overly dramatic and it makes me smile a bit that I’m in this tone right now but I am.

The world is a better place because I met you.

I’m to ready fight my next battles. We just keep fighting, right? Fight the good fight.

I won’t be totally off the grid. As they say, life goes on. The beauty that I can step into something new and try to undo all the wrong I did, thrills me. I’m thankful for the opportunity to start again.

The best thing about starting all over again, I can revisit your words. I’ve bookmarked them all. So that means, you can still guide me through. I won’t be seeing if you’ll respond to this still and you don’t really have to.

To those who helped and prayed for me, you know all of them better than I do, thank them for me, please. Give them tight hugs for me. You, all, will always be in my prayers.

Take care!