A Sense of God’s Timing


Nearly three weeks ago, during our small group at work, we had a couple of girls who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To God be all the glory! Everyone took their turns encouraging the two ladies and welcoming them in their new spiritual family.

When it was my time to speak, I gave them points to remember about being a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. Before I gave those points I told them about the book of First Samuel. I introduced to them the main characters of the book and mentioned to them that their spiritual journey will never be easy but guaranteed to be peaceful, joyful even with tears, and victorious even if the world considers it failure all because of Jesus Christ.

Reminders I mentioned:

* Get to know God more by reading His word. I recommended to start with the book of John from the New Testament. Make it your goal to read the Bible  completely every year.

* Set a special time in your day for devotion. I recommended every morning when you wake up and before going to sleep. Pray before & after you read your Bible. Pray before reading it and ask God to open your spiritual eyes and ears to learn His word. Pray after reading it and ask for strength to live out His words.

* Go to a local church. Attend small group. We all need a spiritual family to help us through our walk here on earth.

After that I mentioned to them that there will always be a lot of things to decide on now that you’ve accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Things you never would have thought about before if you should do it or not. Most of the time, we won’t be there to guide you. I asked them not to make it a habit of asking for signs.

I encouraged them to get a good sense of God’s timing in everything and about anything in life.

There will be times you would have to wait. And believe me, it will be tough. But as long as you get that the moments of your life are in God’s hands, your waiting times won’t be frustrating.

In the first book of Samuel, one will notice how impressive David was when it comes to sensing God’s timing. But it wasn’t because of anything supernatural. It was because in every single detail of his life, he knew how to turn to God and ask what He had to say and get His instructions.

They all say that life, it’s all about timing. The Bible confirms there’s a time for everything under the sun.

So as you go through this journey, always ask God for His perfect will in everything you do and ask Him to make you sensitive to His perfect timing.

Little and Grand

My birthday’s coming up real soon. I’m like a child extremely excited about it. Well, I’ve not celebrated it for the longest time. I mean, my mom would always make sure we celebrate it. My brother and I share the same birthday. We’re eleven years apart. Every time, she prepares for it, I don’t really invite people to celebrate with me. At work, only my closest friends know about it. Normally, 3-5 people would greet me. I don’t have my birthday on Facebook. And my wall is private. But every birthday, I’d make it public for my friends to greet me.

They’re normally very few people. But I love that every time I see their posts, I’m reminded of the kind of relationship I have wih each and every one of them. It warms my heart. And that is enough for me. I could never thank God enough for the kind of people He’s brought into my life. More than all the greetings, I’m excited about the people who gives the greetings. Especially, the ones I’ve lost contact with or I’ve not heard from the longest time, when they remember your special day, you really get to treasure every single word from them. When that happens, I feel like I’m the richest person on the planet.

I love remembering all the random moments with each and every one of them. The laughters and smiles we shared together. The tears. I’m such a cry baby so definitely, lots of tears. Hehe.. The sharing of life stories. The difficult times at work, home, church. All the love stories. My favorite moments were those moments when I would share who Jesus is in my life and then when I ask them if they wanted to have Him in their lives, they’d say yes! That’s the most unforgettable part. And most important, at least, for me. If I’m going to be remembered someday, I’d like that to be my legacy. I want to be remembered as ‘the beautiful woman who brought people closer to God.’ Hahaha! Kailangan may ‘beautiful’ talaga.

Anyway, this year is extra special because I’ve decided to celebrate it with my family and a few of my closest friends. And my cousins. It’s not going to be a big celebration. But to be really honest, I thought this was my last birthday as a single so I wanted to be extra grateful. I thought wrong. Hehe.. But we’ll never know. God is so full of surprises, He might just be preparing one for me. Hehe.. Naks! Faith ang labanan! Hahaha!


It was never my life goal. To be married and spend the rest of my life with a man. I’m a little worried about the trouble I’d have to go through living my life with a stranger. But then in 2012, things changed. And now, I’ve changed. Not sure which part of me exactly but something in me, changed. I seriously think it was God’s plan all along. So, I wait for Him. They say it’s all about timing. And since God appoints the time and seasons, I’m waiting patiently. I surrender to His time. And I’m very excited.

Sorry about this post. I imagine this one isn’t really much of a help to anyone. This is just me declaring how grateful I am for all the little and grand things God’s been doing in my life. And how excited I am to spend my special day to just glorify Him infront of my family and closest friends. It’s going to be amazing.