A Glorious Mess

messPutting yourself in the same pathetic situation over and over again, you gotta ask yourself, ‘What on earth is it that you haven’t learned?’

There must be a good reason why you go through the same thing over and over again. And crying out to God to take you out of the mess you deliberately put yourself in is NOT going to correct things. You need to make the decision to correct it. You repent – meaning to never do it again. And then ask for God’s forgiveness and guidance for the next step you have to take.

With Jesus, it will never be too late.

The glorious mess that you are is something Jesus can change into a glorious message for the glory of the Father, but only if you allow Him to. That’s how gracious Jesus is.

To keep Your lovely face, ever before my eyes. This is my prayer. Make it my strong desire.

That in my secret heart, no other love compete, no rival throne survive and I serve only You.

We love because He first loved us. — 1 John 4:19

Amazing Grace

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, the sun forebear to shine;

But God who called me here below, will be forever mine.

As a singer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sang this song in this lifetime. I’ve sang different versions of it too. But this song just has that one rare quality in it: it never gets old.

As a Christian, I know not all of us are, we believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. That means, the Power of God. And we believe, at least I do and some people I know, that some songs has His anointing. That means there’s Power in the song. The kind of Power that touches the heart and changes the lives of those who hear it.

I’ve always had a penchant for Christian History. I love reading about the lives of those who have gone before me. It’s not an easy life you see – Christian life. But reading, knowing about the lives of the early Christians, those who really suffered that I may come to know Jesus Christ in this side of the planet, when I look at what they had to go through, I’m just humbled. I could never complain to God. I can’t say to Jesus, ‘You didn’t do this, Lord. You didn’t get in this situation.’ Because these people in Christian history did.

Every time I go through difficult situations in life, I always go to my Bible and recheck all the situations Jesus had been through. I wanted to see how He handled them. And then I’d pray he would reveal Himself to me even in the simplest things.

The story of this glorious song and the life of John Newton is one of the most amazing,  incredible stories there are. He lost his mom at a young age. But it was his mom who taught him about the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. His father, a captain sailor, was rarely home. His education in boarding school was all about whips and beating. It wasn’t a happy childhood.

He then became a sailor, a part of the Royal Navy, and then became a slave trader. And then his life got worse. He was reduced into becoming a slave himself of a sadistic African woman.

But he got to know Jesus Christ. And soon, he became a preacher. He wrote this hymn and was believed to be chanted during his time. It was the Americans who gave it the tune we now know it for, as I understand it. Not just that, he helped abolished slave trade in England altogether. Amazing isn’t?

It is indeed only God’s grace that let’s us go from strength to strength. Even when life seem to get from bad to worse then worst, we have God’s grace to see us through. Even through the consequences of our wrong decisions in life, His grace, mercy and love still carry us through. He gives us His strength to endure.

It is my prayer that you experience His amazing grace today. That you be able to tell the world about it. That you’ll be able to declare that your life has changed because of His Amazing Grace.