Prayer for Today


Please comfort him and strengthen his heart. Let him feel that he is greatly loved. Don’t allow any negative thoughts to run through his head. Let him know that things maybe difficult but they won’t always be.

My prayer is that You just continue to give him the courage to do what pleases You and You alone. Let him seek You more at this difficult time. Let there be no confusion. Let him understand that You will stop at nothing to get his attention. Let him know that You love him more than any woman or other human being can love him.

As You have given me peace, as You have given me strength to endure, as You made me feel that I am not ignored, I pray that You would make him feel that way too.

Forgive me if I made him feel less of how great he really is. Forgive me if I made him feel he is weak because that will never be true, he is stronger than any man I know. Forgive me if I made him feel he’s not good enough because that will never be true, he is way more than enough.

Please let him know that even though it may seem like he has hurt a lot of people, women for that matter, right now, all he needs to be concerned about is if he is hurting You in any way. Continue to make him sensitive to Your heartbeat.

You have prepared something great for him. Something beyond his imagination. Something more than any person here on earth can do for him. And though his steps may falter, let him know that You will never let him fall.

Thank you, Father, for the privilege of knowing such a strong man. You’ve seen how strong he is. Father, I pray today, at this point in time of his life, show Yourself strong. Let him draw his strength from You. And let him rejoice and be glad for it.

This is my prayer for this man that You have prepared for me, the man that You introduced to me in such a beautiful way, the man You used to bless me exceedingly and abundantly beyond I could ever ask or think of, the man You used to make me believe that I can be a better version of myself, the man who, as You have now made so clear, I seem to keep hurting but will never give up on me, the man who will do the most creative things in this world no matter the price just to make me happy, the man who makes me frustrated all the time just because he’s got beautiful plans for me, the man I keep frustrating because of my stupidity, hear my prayers for this great, great man, in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus Christ, amen.


A Year Of Love



Just recently, I have learned of the story of a man named Howard Hughes. He was one of the world’s wealthiest men. His story had a tragic ending. Tragic not because he died. Everybody dies. It was tragic because before his life ended, he had nothing and no one.

The author of the book I was reading said that Hughes “learned how to manipulate everybody around him” to give him and do for him everything he wanted. But the people around him declared that they never really liked him. It was said that “with almost unlimited money, hundreds of aides, and countless beautiful women available to him, he was unloved simply because he chose to be.”

It’s all about our choices, really, isn’t it?

The power to choose is ours only. It would make you think, the Almighty God who made everything and is powerful beyond our imagination, gave us the freedom to choose.

What You Wanted

When I was younger in this field of work I’m in, people were offering me all sorts of things. Some corporate leaders even had disgusting offers in exchange for making it to the top. How these men would make you feel so low simply because that’s exactly how they see themselves, was simply incomprehensible.

But people like that didn’t stop me. It’s important for me to learn. So I can tell you that I am well trained with nearly every part of the organization. I had a good training as a Quality Coach, as a Manager and as a Products Specifications trainer. But I said no to all of these positions.

Please don’t get me wrong but I believe that I am one of those women who can get anything I want in life – actually, I believe we all can get anything we ever wanted – and I mean, anything, but I also know that in my heart of hearts that that was never the choice I wanted to make – to get whatever I wanted.

I had a ‘hiatus’ from serving at church some time in the past. During that time, I just kept seeking God. Asking, confirming, reconfirming His will for my life. I had to get an answer to that one question I had nearly all my life.


We, human beings, were told to be limited because we’re mortals. There are limits to what we can do. But then if you look closely, and history agrees with it, we are built to be unlimited. We live for the moments that allow us to reach the moon and the stars; the moments where we conquer every bit of impossibility that comes our way. Okay, maybe some of us, not all. But I’ve always believed we are limitless.

If you don’t believe me, then read Genesis chapter eleven when humans built the Tower of Babel. We all know what God did there.

It will make you think, if I can do anything, if God has designed me to be able to do anything I ever wanted, and I actually do it, is that it? Never mind what the world says, but is that really all it is?

Never Boring

This year has been challenging but very peaceful for me by the grace of God. I’ve come to know the Holy Spirit in a whole new different way. There were literally times when I’d like to cry because of everything that’s happening, but it’s as if the Holy Spirit shoves me and tells me, there’s no need for tears. So I just kept smiling. And laughing deliriously. It was a year where literally ‘caution’ was unnecessary. I never thought I’d be able to say that in this lifetime. Hahaha!

So, I mean, are we here to live, do whatever we ever wanted, conquer every impossibility that steps in our way, and then eventually, die?

I think God will never be that boring.

And I think if God made me that way, if God designed us, human beings, in such a way, it is because He had something better for me, us to do.

My Choice

What is it that He wanted human beings to do? One of the things that I love about the Word of God – the Bible – is how straight forward it is. I love the book of Leviticus. I hope you can read and learn it. Leviticus chapter nineteen tells us to love others and shows us how to love others.

And then of course, Jesus’ words on Matthew 22:37-39:

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

So I can do whatever I want in this life, yes, but I would rather do what He wanted me to do. I can be whoever I want to be in this life, but I would rather be who He has always wanted me to be.

I will endeavor to show Him how much I love Him. I will endeavor to love the people even if that maybe the hardest thing to do in this world.

Isn’t it amazing how He never said, ‘Put your mark in this world while you’re here’ but He commanded us to love Him and then love everyone else?

This Year

This year I’m happy that when my choice was tested, it was still Him. And it will always be Him and His will for the rest of my life. This year I’m glad that God never made it boring. This year God made me understand limitations better. This year God reminded me of what I really ever wanted. This year, to sum it all up, has been a year all about love – to show how much I love Him and to see again how much He really, really loves me.

As this year closes and as we welcome a new year, I pray for more of the love of and for God in our lives. And that we may continue to love our neighbors for His glory.

Happy holidays and may we all have a grand new year too!