The Beauty Of God’s Creation

The Beauty Of God's CreationThere are no words to tell you how much of a cry baby I am. Seriously. I hurt deep. Guess it’s because I love real. I don’t hold grudges but the memory of pain is kind of hard to deal with, noh? But anyway,  I cry seeing sunsets. Hahaha! But that’s no joke.

On my way to Quezon two weeks ago, I was getting bored wih my trip and then suddenly, I saw the sunset over the mystic mountain of Maria Makiling. This isn’t the photo but I cried as usual. Okay, I shed some tears. Hehe..

I see God. I see the work of His hands. It’s always humbling. Me compared to these beautiful creations, I don’t come close. But then every time, I’m reminded of what He said in the garden when He made the first man, ‘It’s very good.’ I can’t help but be thankful. And wonder why in all of human being’s complexities and stupidity, and Him knowing all that was about to take place, He decided to say, ‘..Very good.’

To some of you non-Christian readers, what I’m about to say next may sound self-righteous, but please know, for us Christians, praying is talking to God. So, I love talking to God. You see, prayer doesn’t always have to be kneeling down, hands folded and eyes closed. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior since I was seven years old and the relationship He’s allowed me to have with Him is very intimate now but still in awe of Him. So, talking to Him. I like bringing my complaints to Him. Truth is, I’d rather say it to Him than tell people about them. Because He is too wise, anything I say to Him, He knows how to answer them. Plus, He’s the only One who understands how our mind works. So I go to Him. Talking to God is not just you rambling, it’s about bringing your heart, soul to Him and then reading and meditating His Words. It’s a beautiful dialogue.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t listen to people. I actually love listening to people. Especially, when I know they are people who can be trusted and who study God’s Word. Basically, I’m saying my family. Hahaha! My mom’s the best. And my brother and my little sister are the only ones who can say the truest words to me, I think. We made a deal about it as they were growing up: They would tell me if I’m wrong about things. And they aren’t suppose to be afraid of me when they say them. I kept telling them as kids that not everything old people do or say are right. They are to learn how to distinguish them.

As they were growing up, I got all sorts of questions about what’s right and wrong. Every time, I redirect them to the Bible. There’s no other way to distinguish right from wrong other than to consult what God had to say. And that’s through His Word.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a cry baby. For those of you who know me, that maybe hard to believe. I have a very strong character is what everybody says. What they don’t know is I’m only strong because I know where I stand. By God’s grace, I know.

But that’s the beauty of God’s creation, isn’t it? We are all complex and complicated and yet simple and so easy to figure out at the same time. We laugh, we cry. We appreciate sunsets. We love the wind blowing on our faces. And we know deep down inside us, conversing with our Creator is one of the grandest gifts He’s ever given us. The trees, the wind, the birds of the air, the animals that scurry along the ground and creatures of the oceans, they all know how to ‘talk’ to their Creator. They know how to worship Him. And that’s the beauty of being one of God’s creation. He’s given us the privilege to share in His joy.

So I cry seeing sunsets because it’s too beautiful. Words aren’t enough to describe it but then my Father says, I’m more beautiful than that. We are way more beautiful than that. This sinful, unworthy creature is more beautiful than that and He takes pleasure in me. He takes pleasure in us. He delights listening to me. He loves me.  He loves us. And then I become the beauty of God’s creation. Hahaha! Wait, what?!?! Kidding. Pambihira, Angel.

Thank You, Father, for all the adventures. Thank You for allowing us to see the beauty of Your creations. Thank You for making us understand that we are Your beautiful creations.


Pride and Prejudice remains a classic… among sins.

Pride and Prejudice remains a classic… among sins.

Pastor Joey Bonifacio is a writer, pastor, a businessman and for me, my dad from afar. Hahaha! I doubt he knows me. But I’m sure I’m a familiar face to him. He is one of my dreams. I dream I can talk to him about the Bible one day. I have a lot to ask. And I dream of havig coffee with him and a good breakfast. Hehe..

He’s become one of my favorite morning reads. His words are amazing. His teachigs are excellent! And obviously, I don’t know him all too well but the little that I know about him, makes me wish he’s my father.

Read and be blessed. I pray that his words would bring you closer to Christ. And that you would desire to know God more after reading him. Enjoy!