Tale As Old As Time…

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“… true as it can be. Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly..”

I have no idea how my love story is being written. All I know is that it is being written by the most excellent, most incredible Storyteller of all time. And for that I have more than enough reason to be sure it will be as brilliant as He only knows it can be. And truth be told, I love it best when He does all these things. Surprises & all. 

February, as we know, is considered love month. I’ve never been lured into celebrating this month ever since I can remember. But I thought of putting up an entry in the hopes of declaring True Love.

Tune As Old As Song…

You ever notice how every love story begins? Isn’t it curious that it all starts out the same? It comes in many different ways and forms but it has always been boy meets girl. They both start out hopeful, gets desperate, and then, did you notice how it usually ends? It always ends either one of two ways. They either decide to give up and fall apart, or live to continue what was started come what may.

Can you identify which part of the story you’re in?

Sometimes it can get really frustrating. You try so hard, you give it everything you’ve got, only to get nothing in return, only to be rejected. Or you both do everything you can to salvage a relationship but nothing just ever seems to work out. 

You start to question everything. You try to make sense of all the pain, frustration, sorrow until it seems the only logical thing to do is to give up, let go, accept that nothing will change. Accept that the end has finally come. Accept that there’s nothing more either of you could do about how bad things have become. 

Bittersweet And Strange…

And then the morning comes reminding us that everything is made anew each sunrise. Suddenly, you realise that the person you loathe now isn’t really anyone else but yourself.

It would seem that the person who made all the mistake isn’t him or her but you. It’s not that you can’t forgive the other person. It’s easy to forgive others of their mistakes.

You realise the truth is that you are having a hard time forgiving them for having seen every tiny bits and pieces of the mistakes you committed. 

Beauty And The Beast

You begin to see that the other Person has always been patient, willing to wait, ready to accept everything about you and help you in and with anything. 

You wonder how can Someone be so understanding of your feelings, mood swings, foul temper, impatience. Why did He ever choose to be with you? What has He seen in you that’s even worth laying eyes on? How bizarre, unbelievably incredible, mind-blowing can it really be that Someone would want to spend eternity with someone like you? 

The idea of a love story between a man and a woman is something I will always be delighted to hear. But the love story between the Maker and his creation, now that is something I always marvel at. Someone offering his very life to prove how much He loves me. The Father giving His only Son that I could be with Him from here and for all time? This writing will never give justice to its incredibly beautifully written story.

I realise time and time again that He is the Beauty. And I… I am the beast

Guarding AngelĀ 

Some people believe there’s something or someone who guides & guards us in this life. Do you believe that too?

… A Short Story

Spoke with a client today about a claim we were working on. I needed to clarify the number of living children at the time of death of the decedent, and if the person in question was indeed a child of the marriage of the insured. I was speaking with one of the daughters. She cleared her throat and her voice faltered as she started to speak. Moments like that you know that what she was going to tell me will be very difficult for her to utter.

She started to cry. I gave her a moment and then she confirmed the number of living children at the time of her father’s death. Then she gave me the short story. Her father was travelling to get to her sister who was battling cancer when he died. Her sister died a few days later. 

The daughter was 60 years old. And she was the youngest child. 

I mean, fathers do that. They would risk their own lives just to make sure their children are comforted. It was an incredibly sad story but one that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. 

… Even At Seven

Even now writing this I had to pause before continuing. I was seven when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I remember exactly what I asked our church music director when he told me about Jesus. 

He was strumming his guitar when he sat beside me before the service started. He was playing ‘This Is The Day’ and as he played I started to sing along. He said I have a beautiful voice. He changed the key to see if I can follow his lead, and I did. He changed it again. He was astonished that I could follow the key and I “sang the melody perfectly” according to him. He got all excited and declared “this girl is talented and gifted!” 

He asked me if I have accepted Jesus in my heart. I remember him telling me what Jesus did. And my response was, “He died for me, and rose again to be my Dad?” The music director said yes. And so ever since I have loved Him who gave up His life for me and rose again from the grave so He can take care of me, be my Father, loving, guiding, guarding me in everything and in every way.

… Always Perfect Timing

I find it interesting that when Jesus introduced himself to me, He timed it so perfectly. I mean, He is the only one who can do that – perfect timing. That thing this generation will never appreciate. At this day and age, people think that when they want something, they need to have it “right here, right now.” Regardless of what others feel, this generation wants to prove over and over again that in everything they do “myself” is the supreme being. And that is in fact, a dangerous thing. We have become a generation who take pride of being ‘slaves to our own desires’ Christians and non-believers alike.

But who will make a stand against such a behaviour? Who will stand for the truth of the gospel? Who will choose NOT to be a hypocrite – saying they love God & others but their lives and actions don’t prove it? Who will stand to fight for each other? Who will make a stand to make people understand? Who will make a stand to show people a way out of their misery? Who will? Will you? Duterte will. Hehe..  

I just happen to be someone who will happily refuse to go with this generation’s “flow.” But I believe I am not alone. Will you stand with me? Shall we stand for this together?

… With Every Changing Season

Are you someone who loves Jesus too and wants something but can’t seem to get it? My unsolicited advice is, to wait for His perfect timing. Now, just because you have to wait it doesn’t mean you do nothing. That’s never what it meant. It is actually the perfect opportunity to do so much more for Him while He is preparing everything for you. 

Do you need to talk to some or a lot of people to clarify issues? Do that. Do you need to show someone how much you love them? Do that. Do you need to declare a friendship? Do that. Do you need to apologise to someone? Do that. Do you need to forgive someone? Do that. Do you need to change your lifestyle? Do that. Do you need to travel? Do that. (Okay, this one’s really for me. Hehe.. ) Do you need to let go of something or someone? Do that. Do you need to declare your love for someone? You do that. Don’t waste your time. Get things done as you wait for God’s perfect timing of what are praying, asking Him for. And don’t you dare worry. Learn to trust the One who is the Author of ‘perfect timing.’

… So Undeserving

I am grateful that even if I never deserved it, God made up his mind that He is going to guard me from all the beautifully wrapped selfishness this world offers. I am grateful that God knew exactly how to protect and guard me from people who hadn’t a clue of His perfect timing. 

My nickname is Angel. The name angel, as we all know, means messengers. In the Bible, God commanded his angels to give his message to the people. One of my long-standing prayers has always been that my life be a message of and from God. That my life will magnify, testify, and glorify Jesus. And that is never easy. 

But just like the father in my story at the beginning of this blog, I know that my Heavenly Father would do everything and has already done everything to make sure that I am comforted with every suffering and every difficulty in this life, and that is through the life of His Son, Jesus Christ.