The Power of A Wink

imageHave you ever had someone wink at you? Of course, you have. Do you remember the times people usually wink at you?

When I was a kid, I usually see it on TV or movies, men and women who give different “types” of winks. I say “types” because of their different facial expressions when they do the wink. I’ve always found it funny.

I used to think that a wink just means something foolish or a joke. Reading about it, I discovered that a wink could mean different things based on culture.

In China and India, a wink could be offensive. So thank God I never had plans of winking to a Chinese. Or Indian, for that matter. So, guys, be careful. Hehe..

I’ve learned that a wink can mean: a secret information between two people, it could also mean approval &/or comfort, it can be a way of asking for sex — there’s a certain tribe that uses the gesture for sex, it could also mean trust. In a crucial or intense situation, to receive a wink from someone could mean to trust that everything is going to be alright.

When people give me a wink, I usually wink back but I do it differently. Hahaha! You see, my wink is kinda special for me. Hahaha! The thing about being me is there’s lots of things I’m reserving for a special someone. And so even my wink is not just for everyone. Hahaha!

So the power of a wink? Well, it really depends on who’s giving the wink and who is going to receive it. As for me, well, it’s very powerful. So powerful that I can’t put it here. It is something you would have to discover for yourself.

Double wink

Starting in the Past (Chapter 1)

imageSome stories begin with beautiful descriptions of beautiful people or places. Others start with a truth universally acknowledged. The famous ones have the magic words, ‘Once upon a time…’ Still some have a really bad start.

Some stories are about heroes who are larger than life. Others are about daring adventures and swordfight. Still others would say that some of the best stories are about love and romance. This story, however, is nothing like that. This story is about everything else in between. This one, this story is something epic.

It starts in a dark place.

He has been here ever since he can remember. The water is cold here. It gets warm sometimes but never for a long time. He loves this place. Every single day it changes him and that thrills him. Everyday he can feel a bit of a sting here and there. Just a bit. Never something too painful. And whenever he feels a sting, he gives it a yawn as his response. Every once in a while though he can feel a touch, a kiss. He can hear a whisper. He doesn’t always understand. But he enjoys them all nonetheless. Everything is just as it should be until one day, he heard something he has never heard before.

One day, things sounded so different ly than the days before. He couldn’t believe it. This is something new.

“Kamen ne. Wol hentades ye ta yer embrade.” He heard the woman say.

He couldn’t make it out. “What strange words she said.” Observed the boy. “What could she mean?”

He has been here long enough to know that when he makes this certain move, the woman stops and holds him. So he did that move today. And then he heard her laugh.

“Heyz mmmavn lound.” She said with a laugh.

But this time he felt another touch. Someone familiar but new. He doesn’t understand it and yet he does at the same time.

Suddenly, everything went quiet. So did he. And then he heard the voice of excitement.

“Haw ley vi. Ham yer embrade.” Said the excited voice.

He thought, “Have you ever felt something strange and familiar at the same time? I wonder.. Has anyone felt like, you know something is so real but you can’t seem to grasp the truth of it?’

“Why does this feel so good and yet so weird at the same time? I wonder what’s going on outside this dark place that I love. I wonder why they can’t make clear their words.” He said to himself.

Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. And that excited voice is becoming clearer and clearer every single time.

He didn’t notice when exactly or how but one day he realised he’s loved all the things this excited little voice tells him.

—- The Bright Day —-

Today is suddenly an entirely different day from any other day he ever had. Something tells him he needed to get out of this dark place he loves so much. The feeling is strong. He knows it in his heart it is finally time to go but somehow he can’t understand why he needed to go. Only that he had to go.

“Why I had to leave this place, I don’t understand. But somehow it feels so good to get out of here. I wonder where I’ll go. I wonder what I’ll do there. I wonder if the new place will be as lovely as this one.”

“There’s too many things going on outside this lovely dark little place. I think it’s going to be fun out there. I don’t know why but I want to find out. The things we don’t know are so exciting, aren’t they?” He assured himself.

He can hear a lot of voices. Most of them he doesn’t recognise. But they all seem very nice. And for the first
time ever, he caught a glimpse of it. A tiny little hole of something he’s never seen before. He can feel it calling him.

He said, “The force is strong on this one. I can’t deny it. It’s calling me. What’s it called? Why do I want to go after it?”

“Push some more, Janie!” A voice yelled.

And he felt the push.

Suddenly, a bright place. Something completely different from his old loved dark place.

He tried to utter words but all he could hear himself say was, ‘Huwaaahh!’

It felt kind of weird for him so he tried it again. In his mind he was saying, ‘What a strangely bright place this is! I’m happy to be here. Where’s the woman?’

But all he could hear himself say was, ‘Huwaaahh!’ Over and over again.

So he tried to tell everybody again, ‘Where is the woman? Where am I? What are you all doing? Why can’t you understand a word I say?’

He thought nobody heard him. What he didn’t know is everybody did. He just didn’t want to believe they understood him.

(To be continued…)