Good Enough

Some things will never be good enough. But then some things will be. How do you decide which is acceptable or not?

When you make decisions in life, love, work, and war, is “good enough” enough?

Where is contentment really found? And I mean, for Christians out there, what does that really mean? How does your life declare that your contentment is with God? We all know that God is the source of our contentment but isn’t that the same excuse people use to be mediocre? Is contentment really important? What is mediocre Christianity? Or is it that standards aren’t really God’s thing? Or maybe what we thought were God’s standards aren’t really His?

Can somebody really look at their life and say, “This is good enough”?

My Message

I look outside my terrace door and see the commanding calm of colors. A dancing blue. A contemplating yellow. A peeking red. In less than five minutes they’re gone. A blackish blue suddenly appeared. I don’t know how it came about or where it came from given all the other colors mentioned.

A silver lining.

And then I feel the wind. A cool wind. The kind of cool that works in my whole body. I can feel it strengthening every joint, calming every nerve, relaxing every fiber of my body. I see a twinkle. Or maybe two. As I move my gaze to the right, I see that there are more. They are shining like they never did before. Weird, I thought. I said the same thing before. But they are really different tonight. Is it just me or my mind playing tricks on me? 

I hear the trees. And the leaves. They seem to be talking to each other. I wonder what they’re talking about. Are they talking about climate change? Do they feel it too? Do they talk about love? I wonder if they ever feel heartache? Or loneliness? Or sadness? What would make them sad? We don’t have squirrels in these parts. 

And then quietness.

I hear my mom talking on the phone. There’s a cat that called something or someone, I’m not sure. I heard a young boy laughing. And then another one laughed louder. They were talking about computers or something. 

You ever stop to wonder why others struggle to be everything they were told they should be? Should is a strong word. Should is a dangerous word. You should know that by now. Don’t let me fool you. Be.