The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


The Man

His face was ordinary for the people in those parts of the country.  His stature, well, he was not the tallest man. His built was that of a man who labored day and night. His skin color was that of a man whom the sun fell in love with and takes pride of it.  He lived a quiet, i life.  His mother was an excellent homemaker and his father was a skilled craftsman.

As a kid, he loved spending time at church.  He listened intently to the teachings,  preachings at church. As a young man,  he greatly enjoyed making things and shaping them out of nothing into something beautiful and useful.

All his life, he knew he was preparing for that one special moment but he waited for the perfect time. He’s been thinking about her long before she even had a clue. He was thinking about her way before she even knew someone like him existed.

The Lady

She heard about his love for but her young mind couldn’t comprehend it. So he decided he was going to wait for her, patiently.

She has always been the beauty.  Even at a young age,  she’s always been regarded as one with “the face of an angel.” She was considered a ray of sunshine anywhere she goes. But she was trained to be a well-behaved lady. Although, she’s always loved the thrills and considered danger as an excitement. She was commanded to follow strict rules but she always enjoyed breaking them.

The Meeting

He became a highly intelligent man. People were amazed by his wisdom. Everyone regarded him as a man who came from heaven. People were drawn to him from everywhere. In time, he became a threat to everyone even to the authorities. His words of wisdom were too much for them to handle.

People started accusing him, condemning him. And then he knew the moment he has been preparing all his life has finally arrived. Without proper trial and driven by madness, as they were meant to be, the authorities sentenced him to death.

Despite all the humiliation, flogging, whips, pain and hurt, he always had her in his mind. He knew he was doing this for her. So that one day, that day set by the heavens above, they could be together for all eternity. He was thinking about her all those times of suffering.

Many, many years later, she finally came. She grew up to be the girl he wanted her to be. And then one sunny day,  they meet. She hadn’t a clue what to say to him but she’s been hearing about him for the longest time. She was asked if she would allow him to stay in her heart – that’s how gracious he’s always been – and so she accepted him.

Her life was never the same since that day. She fell in love with Him. And He loved her dearly. He made sure she knew He loved her so much every minute of everyday. And they fell so deeply in love with each other.

It’s a love story that never ends. For her, it was the greatest love story ever told.


It’s The Story

Sometimes it’s not about the happy ending. Sometimes it’s about the story. Because the things you learn will help you for the rest of your life.