The Case for Worship Songs

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Any song that claims to be a “praise and worship” song but does not mention the name of Jesus or magnify God, not from the Bible, and is just the emotional outburst of the songwriter is not fit to be called a praise & worship song. It is simply a song. We need the distinction. And really, if it’s just a song, there’s no issue there.

Any supposedly “worship songs” that don’t declare or magnify Jesus is worshipping something or someone else.

This is my case for worship songs.

This is a big deal for me because I have been singing since I was seven and even then, I knew that there were songs that are for God and there are songs that aren’t.

A praise and worship song is a type of song that is distinctly, uniquely & especially made for God alone – something God gave us the privilege of creating.

So let’s talk about how music works.

This is something we already know actually. Beethoven. Bach. Musicians of history and even today, all know how music works. But as far as terminilogies go these days, neurological studies have been conducted to show us how music works in our brain and concludes the effects of music in our bodies, even in our lives.

There’s a long version of all the pathways music goes to in our brains. I can just copy/paste the things I’ve read about it but plagiarism is no fun. So let me just give you the short one.

Short version: When music enters your ears, it goes through almost your entire brain – the four major lobes – does things there that includes sharing of information back & forth, analyzing data received, works on our emotions, evokes memories, commands your body to tap your feet, and works in our imagination which I’d like to think is what Beyonce claimed as “seeing music.” Yes, “seeing music” is something you and I experience when we listen to music. And yes, that has solid neurological basis, if that’s important for you to know.

So now we know that music gives our brains a picture of what we hear. Shorter version of the short version.

So worship songs…

For Christians, followers/believers of Jesus, we know that the brain is the battlefield.

So from here we see the strategy of the enemy.

If the ‘worship songs’ we are singing does not declare Jesus, does not magnify God, is not from the Word of God, or is just an emotional outburst of the songwriter, what picture exactly does that give our brains, you think?

If our mind is the battlefield, then Satan works in what you hear for you not to see the name of Jesus, the name above every name, in your brain when you sing “praise & worship songs” that do not declare Jesus.

If our mind is the battlefield, then Satan works in what you hear for you not to see the Cross of Calvary in your mind.

If our mind is the battlefield, then Satan works in what you hear to distract you and make you see something else other than Jesus.

Satan works in your brain as he whispers in your ears. And as he works in your brain, his real target is your heart. He knows that if he can convince your mind, your heart follows.

Christians, we know how Satan works. We know how Satan replaces God with everything else. That has always been his game. We are not ignorant of this.

The only weapon we have on earth against the deception of the enemy is the name of Jesus.

If the praise and worship songs we are singing at church does not give us a good picture of the Lamb of God, who is it really our hearts are worshipping?

Be careful with all these gray and vague worship songs.


Praise and worship songs should never be shy to declare Jesus. Praise and worship songs should never be a distraction for you not to see the Cross of Calvary. Praise and worship songs should be bold to declare who Jesus is and what He has done.

If these ‘praise and worship’ songs bring you somewhere else – a boat in the middle of a storm, standing in the middle of thunder and lightning, sitting beside a dying person, seeing yourself pumping your fist up in the air, standing in the middle of chaos, seeing yourself yelling your heart out, being side by side with the one you love – all these things are distractions of the enemy. Don’t you dare believe it.

But you don’t have to worry either because the earth won’t open up to swallow you whole from where you sit or stand in worship. Don’t think God will be angry because your mind’s wandering. You just have to be aware that it’s wandering. So then you rebuke the enemy. Ask God for forgiveness and you get your mind back to focus on Jesus.

Praise and worship songs should bring your heart, mind, body, spirit, soul at the foot of the Cross, seeing Jesus & nowhere else.

Maybe This Time


I’m stuck at home because I was sick with high fever. Back when I was a little girl, when you get sick, you take a sponge bath, drink a paracetamol every after four hours and then you should be good the next day. Today, you get sick and you have to be observed for at least a couple of days for dengue and what have you before you’re declared okay. Our ever changing world! Our ever changing lives!

But the past couple of days have been devoted to singing, writing, reading, watching Real Steel. Hahaha! I really love that film. That’s during the day. At night, I love the fact that I get to sit at my terrace, play with the moon and the stars. It felt like forever ago the last time I was here.

I love that it’s a starry, starry night for the past couple of nights. I truly enjoy looking up the sky and at night, stargaze. I’m thankful for these things. They’re so priceless.

There was a time when I thought things have been changed. When I thought that these things I loved were changed for good. At first, it was nice. Then it got bad. And worse. And then still, that dreaded worst. Hahaha! Today, I look up the starry night sky differently. It was an errand. God gave me an errand.

When I think about the things that had happened and how God made everything beautiful in His time, I’m truly humbled. I have confirmation from God’s words and the Holy Spirit confirms it — I’ve done what I needed to do. Sometimes, I think about why things didn’t end as dramatic as I thought they would. There was no need for an answer but of course, I’m incredibly grateful.

I suddenly realised it is true what they all say. When God establishes something, no one can tear it down. And that as humans, we are so prone to doing things our way. God looks at us and says, ‘What end? That was just a preliminary.’

Oh! You maybe wondering why the title. Well, I’ve got the song playing as I type this. Hehe.. And you know, maybe this time after all the stargazing and playful weirdness with the moon and the night sky, love will no longer end.

Somehow… Some things never change.

I’m waiting expectantly for that magic moment. Hahaha!