The CallingĀ 

I was all packed and ready to leave, spiritually, that is.

Have you seen the movie, Doctor Strange? How about Casper, the friendly ghost? It kind of works that way. I was sitting in a coffee shop, reading my Bible while in the spiritual realm, I am all packed, ready for the long journey ahead, never to return.

“I’ve been enquiring about this but You’ve been very quiet. Why can’t I do it the way others did? These people don’t listen anyway. They don’t even know what they’ve done wrong and are not ready to identify it. All they know is they are righteous, and it was all my fault. They’re saying it as if I didn’t know anything.” I reasoned despondently.

He responded in a very calm, assuring, and relaxing tone, “His words were, ‘It’s all over! I am doomed, for I am a sinful man. I have filthy lips, and I live among a people with filthy lips.’ Or something to that effect (v.5)”

“Of course, when You put it that way then I have nothing more to say.” I said in surrender.

“I know.” He said, smiling.

And then suddenly, in my spirit, as if I’m surrounded by smoke as He uttered the words, “Angel, let me remind you…”

“You are one who has an abundance of divine knowledge and holy love because I made you so. You have wings which has been specifically designed for instructions to help others. You use your wings to cover you to show humility and great reverence in My presence (v.2). And you know that in the church, your wings, meaning you, are to cover those less honourable because they are the ones that needed great care. I have put the body together so that special care are given to those parts that have less dignity (1 Cor.12:23).”

“Angel, I have made you so that you may carry out that tasks I appointed you to do with cheerfulness and as quickly as I needed them done.”

“Forgive me, Father, for my sins.” I cried. “The impurity of our lips ought to be the grief of our souls, for by our words we shall be justified or condemned.”***

“I am afraid of Your displeasure, Father.” I declared.

“Angel, we asked ‘who will be willing to go on such a melancholy errand, on which they will go in the bitterness of their souls’ (Eze. 3:14)? You have been dismissed momentarily from attending on the throne of glory to be a messenger of My grace to a good man (v.6).”

“Remember that ‘those who are workers together with God are sinners and sufferers together’ with you. And that it is Christ’s work that put people in the ministry (1 Tim. 1:12).”

“Father, how long are things going to be this way?” I asked.

As He responded, I let go of every packed belongings and knelt down in humility and complete surrender; and in worship I sang with all my heart, “From death to life, I will sing Your praise, in the wonder of Your grace.”****

“From death to life and grace to grace, I am Your servant. Do with me as You please.”

****Interpretation of God’s words from the book of Isaiah chapter 6 on October 14, 2016.

****Worship song entitled Grace To Grace by Hillsong Worship, from Let There Be Light album.

***A Bible commentary


God Approves

Never be misled.

Are you a workman of God? Are you someone who has denied yourself of wordly pleasures to do the task God has appointed you to do? Are you someone who regard God as the highest priority of your life? Are you someone who has been and is still in love with the person of Jesus Christ and knows this truth in the deepest parts of his heart? Are you someone so in love with Jesus Christ that your life is a reflection of His glory? Are you someone your family, colleagues, closest friends and everyone around you can attest has lived a life that pleasing to God? Are you?

Then this message is for you. This particular verse is for you.

Be cheerful. This is for you. Never worry about the future, everything is in God’s hands. The past brought you in this moment. Your obedience to God has been approved and He has given you this opportunity today. Enjoy every single blessing God has given you. He wants you to enjoy every moment. He wants you to smile today.

You might have cried bucketful of tears yesterday, this is His message for you today. Continue to live in and for His glory. Continue giving Him praise. God has approved your works. He will accept your works of love for Him.