I Am Here

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To you who have been waiting for me, I want you to know I am here

You’ve made yourself too busy, I was sidetracked by some experience but I am here

It’s funny how we choose what to see sometimes. You saw me, I saw someone else.
You were standing right there, listening for my call, I thought I heard another person’s call.

You patiently and quietly waited for me. And I thought of waiting on someone else. You prayed for me while I prayed for another person.

You didn’t falter. You stood your ground. You waited for God’s perfect timing. You made me see that I deserved better than I was treated. Way better than I was treated.

You showed me that things are better, way more fun when we do things the way God wanted them done. You love me but you showed me that God loved me more.

It’s weird how life finally allows us to see, the clearing of dark clouds for us to¬† truly see..
That you were there waiting for me and I am here, now ready to share everything with you.

Chikkatha (Hebrew word for Wait)

From the book of Psalm, chapter 33 verse 20.

We wait in hope for the Lord;

He is our help and shield.

‘”Wait” here means to wait patiently for what God will do. It implies trust and faith in God’s promises and character, and recognizes his faithfulness with thanksgiving for what he has already done.’