Prayer for Today


Please comfort him and strengthen his heart. Let him feel that he is greatly loved. Don’t allow any negative thoughts to run through his head. Let him know that things maybe difficult but they won’t always be.

My prayer is that You just continue to give him the courage to do what pleases You and You alone. Let him seek You more at this difficult time. Let there be no confusion. Let him understand that You will stop at nothing to get his attention. Let him know that You love him more than any woman or other human being can love him.

As You have given me peace, as You have given me strength to endure, as You made me feel that I am not ignored, I pray that You would make him feel that way too.

Forgive me if I made him feel less of how great he really is. Forgive me if I made him feel he is weak because that will never be true, he is stronger than any man I know. Forgive me if I made him feel he’s not good enough because that will never be true, he is way more than enough.

Please let him know that even though it may seem like he has hurt a lot of people, women for that matter, right now, all he needs to be concerned about is if he is hurting You in any way. Continue to make him sensitive to Your heartbeat.

You have prepared something great for him. Something beyond his imagination. Something more than any person here on earth can do for him. And though his steps may falter, let him know that You will never let him fall.

Thank you, Father, for the privilege of knowing such a strong man. You’ve seen how strong he is. Father, I pray today, at this point in time of his life, show Yourself strong. Let him draw his strength from You. And let him rejoice and be glad for it.

This is my prayer for this man that You have prepared for me, the man that You introduced to me in such a beautiful way, the man You used to bless me exceedingly and abundantly beyond I could ever ask or think of, the man You used to make me believe that I can be a better version of myself, the man who, as You have now made so clear, I seem to keep hurting but will never give up on me, the man who will do the most creative things in this world no matter the price just to make me happy, the man who makes me frustrated all the time just because he’s got beautiful plans for me, the man I keep frustrating because of my stupidity, hear my prayers for this great, great man, in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus Christ, amen.


Father, there are so many things to do and people to reach out to who will accept Your word. I know You love everyone but these people who refuse to listen to You, who always questions the authority of Your word, who thinks their thoughts are higher than Yours, deal with them as they deserve.

Strengthen us as we move and go to declare Your love to the ends of the earth. These hardheaded people who keep refusing Your instructions, who refuse to believe Your word, and would rather continue on living their lives of impurity & compromise, deal with them.

Please don’t allow Your beautiful plans for our lives to delay because of their disobedience and lack of faith in You. This is my prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen.