A Glorious Mess

messPutting yourself in the same pathetic situation over and over again, you gotta ask yourself, ‘What on earth is it that you haven’t learned?’

There must be a good reason why you go through the same thing over and over again. And crying out to God to take you out of the mess you deliberately put yourself in is NOT going to correct things. You need to make the decision to correct it. You repent – meaning to never do it again. And then ask for God’s forgiveness and guidance for the next step you have to take.

With Jesus, it will never be too late.

The glorious mess that you are is something Jesus can change into a glorious message for the glory of the Father, but only if you allow Him to. That’s how gracious Jesus is.

To keep Your lovely face, ever before my eyes. This is my prayer. Make it my strong desire.

That in my secret heart, no other love compete, no rival throne survive and I serve only You.

We love because He first loved us. — 1 John 4:19

The Good

This morning I had a good time talking to my Tito Pastor. We talked about so many things about life, love, career and a lot more about spiritual things. I love conversations about God. It’s always good to talk to people who share the same passion and love for Him. I love it simply because there’s no hypocrisy. You can’t afford to do something like that – be a hypocrite in God’s Presence. When people who truly love their God talk about Him, He is always in the midst of them (see Matthew 18:20).

And when God, through His Holy Spirit, indwells in His children’s gathering (or conversations), He is always honored, glorified, magnified and exalted. It’s because of His holiness. When we experience His holiness in spirit and in truth, we know how low we are as individuals but then at the same time, we are comforted by His Spirit because He never condemns us. It goes beyond just mixed emotions. This attempt to describe the experience doesn’t even come close. It’s something the Holy Spirit deals with us all personally. It’s amazing. And it’s always good.

That’s what’s so mind-blowing about knowing Christ. You know that as you get to know Him, you don’t really know Him at all. I love that we serve a Mighty King who reveals Himself. That is also why there is no such thing as ‘intellectual superiority’ in knowing Christ. He reveals Himself through the Holy Spirit. No one can take credit for it.You cannot take credit for anything. Everything anyone can say about Him was/is a revelation from Him. Even His unbelievable love for us. The only reason why we are able to talk about it is because of His grace and because Christ’s love compels us (see 2 Cor. 5:14-15). It’s Him. Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him. It’s always about Him.

I thank God because He is just so good. He is so good to me. He is good and I am not. I can never be good. But thank God for His grace, we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us. He loves us. And because of His great love I am saved! Thank you Lord! Forgive me from all my sins. I repent, Father. Help me do what You want me to do. There is nothing I/we can do apart from You.

Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for being so good to us all. Thank you because You are good all the time. And all the time, You are good. Thank you for all the good things You do.