imageHer thoughts were interrupted when she heard the familiar voice.

“Please don’t tell me you’re rehearsing that ‘split check’ scenario again.” Mary said with a grin.

She rubbed her thigh with her palms, the way she’d do when she felt embarrassed. And looked down with a smile before asking, ‘How can you say that?’ She looked up to her and continued, ‘Rehearsing?’ as she stood and leaned over to greet her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, because I know you too well, I immediately saw that you were talking to your imaginary guy friend here without moving your lips. And yes, that’s how weird you are.”

They both laughed.

“Wow… That was very thoughtful. You know, I’ve searched the world and found no one else in the entire planet who can humiliate me the way you do, Mary. I’m grateful.” was her sarcastic reply.

“Well, dear, don’t worry about it. No biggie. We have the whole dinner time. I can do more damage.” Mary replied with a wink.

She shook her head, smiling.

“So, tell me about the ‘creepy guy.’ Any developments there? Has he finally made the right move? Or is he still stuck in that ‘creepy guy’ phase?” Mary asked as they settled in their seats.

She smiled and then replied, “I think he’d like to think he’s moved up but, unfortunately, he’s still in the same phase. What I’m wondering about now is how on earth all this is still working? It’s unbelievable.”

“If you’re asking me, it’s just one of two things. Either you’re really in love with each other or you’re the world’s stupidest couple. That’s my take.”

“Now, let’s order some food first. This is shaping up to be the most boring dinner conversations ever. I need food.” Mary continued as she looked at the menu.

She let out a deep sigh.

Mary then assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll make it fun tonight. We’ll laugh about the both of you. You happy to hear that?”

She smiled and answered, “I am.”

Mary gave her a wink.

Little and Grand

My birthday’s coming up real soon. I’m like a child extremely excited about it. Well, I’ve not celebrated it for the longest time. I mean, my mom would always make sure we celebrate it. My brother and I share the same birthday. We’re eleven years apart. Every time, she prepares for it, I don’t really invite people to celebrate with me. At work, only my closest friends know about it. Normally, 3-5 people would greet me. I don’t have my birthday on Facebook. And my wall is private. But every birthday, I’d make it public for my friends to greet me.

They’re normally very few people. But I love that every time I see their posts, I’m reminded of the kind of relationship I have wih each and every one of them. It warms my heart. And that is enough for me. I could never thank God enough for the kind of people He’s brought into my life. More than all the greetings, I’m excited about the people who gives the greetings. Especially, the ones I’ve lost contact with or I’ve not heard from the longest time, when they remember your special day, you really get to treasure every single word from them. When that happens, I feel like I’m the richest person on the planet.

I love remembering all the random moments with each and every one of them. The laughters and smiles we shared together. The tears. I’m such a cry baby so definitely, lots of tears. Hehe.. The sharing of life stories. The difficult times at work, home, church. All the love stories. My favorite moments were those moments when I would share who Jesus is in my life and then when I ask them if they wanted to have Him in their lives, they’d say yes! That’s the most unforgettable part. And most important, at least, for me. If I’m going to be remembered someday, I’d like that to be my legacy. I want to be remembered as ‘the beautiful woman who brought people closer to God.’ Hahaha! Kailangan may ‘beautiful’ talaga.

Anyway, this year is extra special because I’ve decided to celebrate it with my family and a few of my closest friends. And my cousins. It’s not going to be a big celebration. But to be really honest, I thought this was my last birthday as a single so I wanted to be extra grateful. I thought wrong. Hehe.. But we’ll never know. God is so full of surprises, He might just be preparing one for me. Hehe.. Naks! Faith ang labanan! Hahaha!


It was never my life goal. To be married and spend the rest of my life with a man. I’m a little worried about the trouble I’d have to go through living my life with a stranger. But then in 2012, things changed. And now, I’ve changed. Not sure which part of me exactly but something in me, changed. I seriously think it was God’s plan all along. So, I wait for Him. They say it’s all about timing. And since God appoints the time and seasons, I’m waiting patiently. I surrender to His time. And I’m very excited.

Sorry about this post. I imagine this one isn’t really much of a help to anyone. This is just me declaring how grateful I am for all the little and grand things God’s been doing in my life. And how excited I am to spend my special day to just glorify Him infront of my family and closest friends. It’s going to be amazing.