Of Thoughtful Mornings

Of Thoughtful Mornings


I never really liked this schedule because it always feels like it eats up my life. I’d have to wake up at least 6-7 hrs earlier than I should. That means I get to sleep only 4-5 hrs in a day. Which is not really all that bad, if you think about it.

But then there’s the travel time. I need to give 4hrs at least for travel time to make sure I’m not late for work. And if EDSA decides to be kinder then it could get fifteen minutes more than that.

The thing is, I can’t afford to forget these calculations. I must always remember them. But then sometimes, I choose differently…

You know how sometimes you realise some things late in life? Like, forgetting to turn off a faucet before leaving the house and you have a full day ahead of you? Only remembering it while you’re travelling 120 miles per hour on a freeway to who knows where? Hehe.. I make that mistake some times. I tell myself, I forgot something. Or that I didn’t notice the time. But of course, my boss knows better. Hahaha! We don’t forget something. We don’t NOT notice anything.

We choose to forget something. We choose not to notice things.

Of course, other people forget the worst things that lead to, oh well, who knows what? Like forgetting an iron on. Or we still have cases here in Manila where people who live in the slums still use candle. Someone falls asleep, forgets to blow the candle off and then the next thing you know, they’re in the news. Some make it through alive. Some people die.

To me, it seemed so heartbreaking to be a victim of your own mistakes. To be a victim of your own doing. To suffer from your wrong choices. And whether we care to do admit it or not, it happens. People make those choices. We can’t really do anything about that.

Again, there’s lots of reasons for it. Some choose to be manipulated by other people’s drama. Hahaha! I love this part. The easiest to spot and the most pathetic kind of reason. Still, others say, sometimes they forget. Sometimes they fall asleep.

And so for some, that’s how their choices are made.


imageHer thoughts were interrupted when she heard the familiar voice.

“Please don’t tell me you’re rehearsing that ‘split check’ scenario again.” Mary said with a grin.

She rubbed her thigh with her palms, the way she’d do when she felt embarrassed. And looked down with a smile before asking, ‘How can you say that?’ She looked up to her and continued, ‘Rehearsing?’ as she stood and leaned over to greet her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, because I know you too well, I immediately saw that you were talking to your imaginary guy friend here without moving your lips. And yes, that’s how weird you are.”

They both laughed.

“Wow… That was very thoughtful. You know, I’ve searched the world and found no one else in the entire planet who can humiliate me the way you do, Mary. I’m grateful.” was her sarcastic reply.

“Well, dear, don’t worry about it. No biggie. We have the whole dinner time. I can do more damage.” Mary replied with a wink.

She shook her head, smiling.

“So, tell me about the ‘creepy guy.’ Any developments there? Has he finally made the right move? Or is he still stuck in that ‘creepy guy’ phase?” Mary asked as they settled in their seats.

She smiled and then replied, “I think he’d like to think he’s moved up but, unfortunately, he’s still in the same phase. What I’m wondering about now is how on earth all this is still working? It’s unbelievable.”

“If you’re asking me, it’s just one of two things. Either you’re really in love with each other or you’re the world’s stupidest couple. That’s my take.”

“Now, let’s order some food first. This is shaping up to be the most boring dinner conversations ever. I need food.” Mary continued as she looked at the menu.

She let out a deep sigh.

Mary then assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll make it fun tonight. We’ll laugh about the both of you. You happy to hear that?”

She smiled and answered, “I am.”

Mary gave her a wink.