The Power of A Wink

imageHave you ever had someone wink at you? Of course, you have. Do you remember the times people usually wink at you?

When I was a kid, I usually see it on TV or movies, men and women who give different “types” of winks. I say “types” because of their different facial expressions when they do the wink. I’ve always found it funny.

I used to think that a wink just means something foolish or a joke. Reading about it, I discovered that a wink could mean different things based on culture.

In China and India, a wink could be offensive. So thank God I never had plans of winking to a Chinese. Or Indian, for that matter. So, guys, be careful. Hehe..

I’ve learned that a wink can mean: a secret information between two people, it could also mean approval &/or comfort, it can be a way of asking for sex — there’s a certain tribe that uses the gesture for sex, it could also mean trust. In a crucial or intense situation, to receive a wink from someone could mean to trust that everything is going to be alright.

When people give me a wink, I usually wink back but I do it differently. Hahaha! You see, my wink is kinda special for me. Hahaha! The thing about being me is there’s lots of things I’m reserving for a special someone. And so even my wink is not just for everyone. Hahaha!

So the power of a wink? Well, it really depends on who’s giving the wink and who is going to receive it. As for me, well, it’s very powerful. So powerful that I can’t put it here. It is something you would have to discover for yourself.

Double wink