Advise From An Old-Fashioned Lady



I need to get back to Singapore.

I’m not entirely sure there are a lot of girls like me out there. I think I’m unique. Okay, that’s just a positive way of saying, “I’m really weird and you’ll a have hard time keeping up with me.” Still, I want to give some advice based on what I’ve experienced in real life and life on twitter. My ‘life on twitter’ is going to be a different blog altogether but today, I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned so far as an old-fashioned single lady:

  • Get fear out of your system. Seriously, ladies, get it out of your mind. Get it out of your chest. Get it out of your entire being. How do you do that? Face your fears. If you’re spiritual or biblical like me (no offense to those who aren’t), then the answer is LOVE. Loving God. God is Love. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18) Isn’t that nice to know? We, human beings, endlessly try, make experiments about emotions (lately, I’ve been reading stuff online about neurology & the experiments people make to understand human emotions) and why we’re afraid when the oldest and best book in existence tells us the answer in the simplest form. Read that entire chapter, or the entire book of 1 John, better yet, the entire Bible to fully understand it.
  • Give in and give up. Learn the difference between the two and know when to use either one or both at the right time. Give in to meeting new friends. Give up on people who always put you down. Give in to believing what people can do and encourage them to do it. Most people don’t wanna believe they can do great stuff, make that change, create an impact in the lives of others. Give up on cynicism. Give in to love. No matter how many times your heart was broken, NEVER give up on love. Give in to honesty, equality, fairness. Give up on sitting on the sidelines.
  • Make a stand. Always make a stand. Do what you need to do in the best way you can to the ends of the earth. If you believe in something and it’s for the common good, voice it out. One spark is all that’s needed to spread fire in the forest. One voice. Let your voice be heard. No on can take that away from you. Let no one drown you out.
  • Learn new things. If you’re not a natural dancer or no one in your family is, then learn to dance. Learn anything that you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask. Never be afraid to ask help from others. That’s true humility. It’s not being dumb. If you’re the same age as I am, you’ll find out that while there are things best done alone, most things in life are best learned from other people, asking help from others. So, if you must learn something new, learn how to ask help from other people. It won’t be waste of your time, I guarantee you that.
  • Have tons of fun. Don’t ever let a day pass by without laughing or smiling. You have to laugh. Make that your life goal: To do something/anything with lots of laughter. If you must love someone, laugh with the person. If you’re on your way to starting your career, make sure you will have ample to laugh while pursuing that. If you’ve been hurt and had bad things happen to you, (and it’s not always easy, believe me, I know) try to smile and make an effort to find or do things that will help you remember how good it feels to laugh your heart out.